Month: February 2014


Sacrifice for your Kids

Hello everyone,Hope you are doing well and your week has started on a very good footing. For two days now, I haven’t blogged. Here is why: I do not blog on Sundays, then I declared Monday, “Children’s Day.” For some time now, I have been so much busy with other […]


What Makes a Woman Wife Material?

Popular Yoruba actress, Temitayo Odueke aka Sikiratou Sindodo says she is wife material because she prays five times a day and cooks well. See the full story after the cut… In a recent interview with Punch newspaper, the single mother of one said that she will  make a good wife […]


From Hannah to Miley: Guide your Kids!

I knew about Hannah Montana (pictured above) from my neighbor’s teenage daughter, Edvig. Whenever the series (with Miley Cyrus as main character, Hannah Montana) started airing on Disney Channel, she would leave her house chores and rush to watch it. I later realised that apart from Edvig, many kids and […]

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Let Desmond Crack you Up!

Growing up, I had the rare privilege of always being cracked up by my younger brother, Desmond (pictured above). He is a natural comedian and will regularly submit jokes to this blog. Continue reading to see his story about hunger… rotf! Never never never never never never… I do not […]


How to Attract the Right Man Part 2

By the time you are done reading this, you will certainly be a better woman! If you have any questions or concerns, contact me at Read the full article by clicking here: How to Attract the Right Man Part 2. I hope you all are doing great. Now that the dust […]


How to Attract the Right Man Part 1

Most women dream of the day when they will get married to their prince charming and live happily ever after. I dreamed like that too but I came to realise that dreaming is never enough. There are the steps you take towards getting what you desire that really matter. Today, […]