Month: July 2015

Precious Kitchen

30 Minutes Jollof Rice!

So you are quite busy and you want to quickly make a delectable meal. Try my thirty minutes jollof rice in a rice cooker or better still, a regular pot. Here is what you will need: 3 cups of parboiled rice6 ounce can of tomato paste14 oz chicken brothHalf teaspoon […]


God is Faithful…

I can not count the number of times God has gone ahead of me to make crooked paths straight (Isaiah 45:2). If I fail to trust in Him, then that is a big failure on my path. He is never late, He is never early, He is always on time. […]

Precious Diary

My First Pregnancy 2

Hello people, so I was gisting you on how being pregnant for the first time went. I am here to continue the story. Read the first part HERE. I was in my second trimester. My belly formed a pouch, my nose suffered from weight gain and thankfully the frequent nausea was history. […]

Precious Diary

My First Pregnancy

I sat on the brown bench at the health centre, which had visible signs of wear and tear. As usual, there was a long queue waiting to hear from the custodians of medical wisdom. Some were moaning in pain, others with less pain had taken quick trips to dreamland and […]

Precious Kitchen

Easy Breezy Fruit Cake

African style cake with fruits! If you are like me, then you get worried about all the carbs that get into your system when you munch a slice of cake. Your days of worrying are over! I am here to show you how to eat cake and not feel guilty.Add […]