Valentine’s day is just around the corner so hearts are throbbing and preparing to celebrate a day that is also known as lovers’ day. For the married, this sounds like the perfect opportunity to have mind-blowing sex. You know, the kind of sex that your spouse cannot forget in a hurry! Let go of every inhibitions, hurt or anger and have some very legal pleasure. Here are some tips:

Give your spouse a full body massage 
You could use olive oil, coconut oil (warmed up) or any massage oil you have on hand. Tell your spouse to lie down naked and not make a move unless you say so. Start by gently stroking your spouse’s face. Move to the shoulders, working your way through the muscles. Then keep going down until you get to the genitals where you should spend some time before going down to the feet. Do this while naked yourself. When you finish with the front body, move to the back and work your way through. Focus on the parts that are sensitive. If you are a man doing this to your wife, focus on her nipples, clitoris, ears, abdomen, lower back and other areas she might want you to reach. If you are a woman doing this to your husband, focus on his nipples, the outside of his lower lip, the head of his penis, and any other part he loves. By the time you are done with the massage, your spouse should be begging to go further…
Change the location
Variety, they say is the spice of life. So if you are always having sex in the bedroom, try the kitchen, or the living room. If you have kids, make sure they are sound asleep before embarking on this adventure. You could also have sex in the bathroom, which takes me to my next point.
Have a shower together
Take an oh so sexy shower together and scrub each other’s body in a teasing way. “Finish” in the bathroom or take the action to your bedroom.
Set the stage
Play some cool music, light some candles put on a blue bulb (or dim the lights) and wear sexy lingerie in preparation for sex. Don’t let it just happen. Sometimes you need to plan for it.
Sexy talk
I know, some couples will have sex without saying a word to each other. That works sometimes but at other times, you need to verbally communicate… in a steamy way. Tell your spouse what you want them to do to you in an enticing way. If used properly, talk during sex can make for a great sexual experience. Be creative. Saying something like, “I want coitus now” might not turn your partner on.
With these, you should be able to pleasure each other the way God intended it to be. 
Happy Valentine’s Day!



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