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Goat Meat Pepper Soup Recipe.
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A hearty soup cooked with goat meat, herbs and spices. This Goat Meat Pepper Soup recipe is so easy to make and perfect for cold days! Baby it’s cold outside! These days, each time I go outside, I just want to run back inside. It’s so cold that when we […]

Cameroonian groundnut paste recipe
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Cameroonian groundnut paste, also known as “Mboh” is a pudding-like savory meal made with roasted peanuts. It is spicy, peanuty and insanely good! My mother is unarguably the best mother in the world! You need to hear how she tells me recipes over the phone. With so much passion! She […]

Egusi Stew
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Welcome to your new favorite stew! Egusi stew!! This stew is luscious, full of flavor and absolutely to die for. I love having it with boiled rice or boiled plantains. So tasty! If you are not familiar with the word, Egusi is a seed which is basically the same thing […]

How to make Cameroonian pancakes. These Cameroonian pancakes are like crepes but slightly thicker than crepes. They come together in no time! This is the perfect breakfast recipe. Enjoy!
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Behold the best pancakes you will ever make! You are welcome! These are Cameroonian pancakes just how I like them – soft, fluffy, sweet and so yum! If we were in a world were pancakes were vegetables, I would be so happy. That’s because I would eat them every single […]