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I stood there trembling, stretching my arm to place a series of knocks on the door. I was livid.

For nothing!

I stood in front of my parents’ door that night, engulfed by fear and I can’t even remember the exact reason I leaped out of my bedroom to go share theirs. But what I remember is this: I was living in fear every single night in that season of my life as a young teen. I dreaded the nights. I dreaded sleeping alone. I feared noises at night. I had nightmares based on movies I watched. Fear was all over me.

Fear imprisoned and controlled me.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”
2 Timothy1:7

Fear is a spirit and it doesn’t come from God. At some point in our lives, we fear: big things, small things, quirky things. But scripture says we should not fear. I eventually overcame my fears and it is such freedom to be fearless.

The first thing you must kill is fear. Fear will stop you from living with the peace that surpasses all human understanding as God wants. Fear will stop you from jumping into your destiny. Kill every little fear in your life. Be fearless.

The second thing you must kill us giving up after the first try. Not every door you knock will open right away. Sometimes you have to knock harder and louder. Sometimes you have to be persistently persistent. Don’t give up yet.

The third thing you must kill is procrastination. This is the time to act. Work while it is still day because the night is coming when no one can work. Seize the moment. Maximise the season.

Be Fearless - Precious Core

And friend, let me add a fourth thing; You must kill addiction to social media. Use social media, don’t let it use you. Use it with discipline. Don’t let it take over your life in a very bad way. Don’t let it stop you from living fully. Intentional time away from your phone will do you good.

I wrote this last December to my newsletter subscribers. I just realised how relevant this is still. By the way, if you are not subscribed to my newsletter, you can do so HERE.

Have a blessed week!

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  1. Hiya Anty P
    Why am I just reading this now? Guess what Anger is bigger than Goliath, and it shouldn’t be given a chance to live. Hahaha Coz it will give birth to lil’ wizards and witches. Yeah. You know their names already … vengence, bitterness, war, murder, …

  2. This is beautiful. I keep telling people that fear is not of God, social media is one critical thing we all need to check mate. The filth out there is enormous. Kai!! Procsstination eh, the Holy Spirit is still helping me deal with this.

    conjugal tales of Mama Bread

    1. Fear is definitely not of God. Social media could be a good tool if rightly used. If wrongly used, it could be destructive.

  3. This is so great! Fear and procrastination need to be destroyed completely as they prevent us from fulfilling purpose. Great word, I’ve been learning a lot about these two lately.

    Chisom Okere- Faith, Virtue, beauty 

  4. Why shall i fear when the Lord is my Papa!, …. haha thanks for that message.. wish you same too

  5. Fear is a spirit indeed. A very wicked spirit that holds one back and imprisons one. It’s not abnormal to be a bit afraid sometimes, but when fear rules your life and is an excuse not to reach out, not to grow or live life, grow spiritually, help others (out of fear of being harmed spiritually) , when you fear the physical, spiritual, metaphysical, getting married, opposite sex, family , even ants and cockroaches (some people, cockroach under their bed is an issue for pastor) then there’s an issue.

    1. That’s eh, a very bad spirit! A sister told me a while ago how she can’t sleep when her husband is not at home due to fear. I felt so sorry for her. Fear is such a prison.
      Na wah for those who take cockroach matters to pastors! Chai!

  6. Where is my sword? Something is going to killed and buried as soon as I leave here! Aha! Thanks, Mum Precious.