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You guys, it is day 5 of #PCCleanEatingMarch which means I have been eating clean and sharing only clean eating recipes since March 1st. I thought it will be great to share with you some clean eating tips that have been working for me. Because these 5 days have been amazing so far. I have been enjoying great food so much that I don’t feel like I am dieting at all. I even feel a little guilty. Lol. But I keep reminding myself that at least I haven’t eaten any refined sugar or white flour or rice and I am having a fair share of raw vegetables in salads. It has been great so far. So here are some tips that have helped me and I hope they help you too if you are trying to eat clean.

1. Eat honey instead of sugar. I have found that honey replaces sugar in almost every recipe in which I need sugar. I made some homemade yogurt and sweetened it with honey instead of the usual sugar. It tastes AMAZING! I sweeten my breakfast oatmeal with honey and it is great. I also used honey to make granola this morning (a mixture of oats and other ingredients) and it didn’t disappoint! So honey rocks! But here are some things to note about honey:

  • Get raw honey for best results.
  • Honey has some calories so if you are looking for a non-caloric sweetener, try something like stevia instead.

Okay, moving on to the second tip:

2. Eat Couscous instead of white rice. See eh, couscous is so good that when I enjoyed it I had to go back and ask Mr. Google is it is indeed a healthier alternative to white rice. It really is! I have made couscous like jollof rice and it tasted great. I have also served it in place of rice with stew and all plates were cleaned. In fact, my kids love it so much, probably more than rice! If you do not know what couscous is, it is a grain made out of semolina and it has lots of fibre. You can Google it to read more.

3. Lots of Water. Water has been a lifesaver! Sometimes when you feel you are hungry, you actually aren’t, you just need to drink some water. So drink up, friend. The only side effect you’ll have is peeing.

4. Buy fruits and veggies in season or those cheaper. I’m smiling molar to molar because I had a major grocery haul at my grocery shop. I bought all the fruits and veggies which were cheaper than others. So I got more for less!

5. Stick to your why and keep going! What is your reason to want to eat clean? Stick to it. If possible, write it on a paper and stick where you can see it everyday. That way when you read it, it stirs you up.

And that, my friends, are some tips to help you in this season. If you have other tips to share please do so below.

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  1. Great ..

    Thanks again and again
    Trying to be on keto
    Its found to help me
    Is Couscous in Cameroon?
    And please can you help me out with Cameroonian dishes I have to leave out while on keto?
    Once more thanks

  2. Aunty Pre, have you ever heard of bulgur wheat? That’s what noise for rice sub. It’s actually Heather than couscous.

  3. Aunty Pre have you heard of bulgur wheat before? I Eat that now as a sub for rice. It’s actually healthier than couscous.

  4. Thanks darling sister. You are the best. This is my year to get it right or die trying. 👌🥂