alcohol in cameroon

For many years, I have watched my “contri pipo” drink their destinies away and this is sad. They even have love names for alcohol such as, “shark” and “one man”. If they only ended at “one man” (one bottle of beer), it would have been better. Unfortunately, one man quickly becomes six men, messed-with-urine pants (ewww!), a nap in the gutters and having to soothe disgruntled partners.

Cameroon is one the highest alcohol-consuming countries in the world! This is confirmed by a Global Status Report by the World Health Organisation. When Cameroonians are happy, they drink. When they are sad, they drink. When they eat, they drink! And no matter how much the price of a bottle goes up, their love for alcohol never goes down.
A lot of problems in Cameroon are tied to the bottle. Here are six reasons why Cameroonians should stop drinking:

1. Drinking drains you of valuable money

Some people can hardly go a day without a bottle of beer, or two, or even four! A bottle of beer costs at least $1. That money adds up quickly. Add it up and you must have paid at least a year’s school fees for a needy child or even began a business for yourself.
2. Drinking breeds evil company
The company a lot of people keep while drinking is far from being good company and evil company corrupts good manners.
3. Drinking blocks your reasoning
That’s why Cameroonians merely bluff and hardly stand up and fight. Those bottles of beer have a way of drowning rationality and positive action.
4. Drinking can lead to permanent brain damage

Google is your friend, my friend.

5. Drinking breaks marriages

When a spouse spends a significant part of their life drinking, they hardly have time to invest in their relationship.

6. Drinking has adverse effects on health

Apart from brain damage mentioned above, other parts of the body affected by drinking, include,

-The liver
-The heart
-The kidney

Bonus point: Drinking gives you bad breath. Have you ever tried to strike a conversation with someone who just gulped down some beer? Mouth odour on fleek!

No wonder, my university lecturer, Diffang always referred to the primary brewery company in Cameroon as, “Brasseries di do Cameroon”. Ha.



  1. Lol. I wouldn't have thought Cameroonians drink that much oh.

    Excessive drinking is just a NO NO. Goodness. Like really. Where is your self control?

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  2. Drinking beer is so common in Cameroon, Kachee. Cameroonians are so in love with the beer.

  3. Anonymous

    haha Cameroonians take it easy o, drinking is dangerous to your health. on a serious note alcohol affects the liver negatively, people should stop playing with their life haba!

    Stop waiting for prince charming!

  4. I know right… so dangerous!

  5. It is sad! tsuuip God help us

  6. E di really do Cameroon #StopDrinkingCamer'ians

  7. Hahahahahaha brasseries di really do Cameroon!
    The powers that be have understood that love for beer reason why they react faster on strikes about beer than anything else. Sometimes I wonder if Bacchus the god of wine had his temple erected in Camer 🙂
    Hilarious and edutaining as always.


  8. Bacchus is the god of wine? Just learnt something new. His head office is surely in Camer. Thanks for always reading sis!

  9. Stella Star

    Hahahahaha weeh Precious. Diffang is still the same.
    That’s a beautiful write up. I bet if we could apply this, Cameroon will the same.

  10. Nguty Stella

    Hahahahaha weeh Precious. Diffang is still the same.
    That’s a beautiful write up. I bet if we could apply this, Cameroon will the same.

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