This is part three of my blogging series. Read part one on blog design, here and part two on killer content, here
The first time I had over a thousand people visit my blog in a day, I was giddy. Before then, I would have a few hundred visitors visit my blog each month. On some months, I didn’t have up to a hundred visitors! In that season, I wasn’t consistent with running my blog so understandably, there were hardly any visitors. Looking at my pageview chart, I see that I have had a gradual growth especially since January this year when I started blogging consistently. I wish I’d been consistent from day one but that didn’t work at the time.
Recently, I had over thirty thousand people visit my blog in a day! All because of this post.
So dear blogging friends, I would like to share some the things I’ve learnt with you. I haven’t figured out everything yet but these are are ways that have worked for me.

1. Create awesome content.
In my last blogging post, I spoke about this in detail. Your content needs to be terrific. It should be something you would want to read yourself. If your content is not great, there is no way people will want to hang around your blog. I put a lot of effort into every blog post to ensure that is encouraging and edifying. That way, I notice that a lot of people share my content when they see that I have a new post up. That’s because there’s always some form of free value in them. Make sure you read this post on how to create killer content if you haven’t done so already.
2. Promote your content.
No matter how great your content is, if you fail to promote it, it will gather cobwebs. I share my blog post links on several Facebook groups that allow the sharing of blog links. You want to make sure you are not spammy so take some time to study the rules of each group or even contact the admin before posting there. Don’t go sharing a fashion blog post in a food group.
My strength lies with  Facebook but I’m beginning to use Instagram and Pinterest more. Trying to use every social media could be overwhelming so I’ll advise that you find the one you are most comfortable with and put a lot of effort into it, then you can carve out time to master another one. 
I have seen a lot of big bloggers advise that you spend the same amount of time you take to create your content to share it. You want to make sure that you get the most out of every blog post.

3. Have a great social media sharing widget on your blog.
I recently installed, Shareholic on my blog because I found that it looked way more inviting than the share buttons on my template. I also love the fact that I can see how many times a post has been shared.

4. Comment on other blogs.

Dropping comments on other blogs with your blog URL beneath is another sure way to get people visit your blog. However, don’t be spammy and write vague things like, “Nice!” or “Great post!” be sensible. Say something actual about the post.

5. Guest post.

Do guest posts for blogs that  have more traffic than you. I recently started guest posting for Bella Naija and Stella Dimoko Korkus. That way more people get to know about my awesome blog and they follow me.

6. Name your pictures appropriately.

Every picture included in your blog post shoud be named appropriately with key words about the post. For instance, instead of IMG 101, rename your picture to “how to make fish rolls”. That way, if someone does a google search on how to make fish rolls, your picture will pop up on Google images then they could click through and land on your blog.

7.  Feature inspiring people on your blog.
Every now and then, I do an interview with an inspiring person. When the post is published, this person will likely share the post on social media. That way, many people click through and come to my blog. Win!
8. Have an email list.
Depending solely on traffic from social media is like building on another man’s land. An email list helps you know the people that are really committed to your blog. When you put up a new post, your email subscribers can see it right in their inbox and click through to your blog. It also helps you know what sort of people are following you so you can better tailor to their needs. I use Mail Chimp to build my email list.

9. Blog consistently but avoid burn out.
If you are inconsistent with your blogging, people won’t take you seriously. Try to create a trustworthy relationship with your readers. They should be sure to find regular posts from you. It may be once a week or once a month. Just keep it consistent. When you are committed to your blogging, your readers will gradually get committed to you.
Remember, no one lights a lamp and puts it under a table. So after you create great content, you must make an effort to make ensure that it gets seen.

What blogging tips have worked for you? Please share with me below.



  1. Hy Precious
    Thank you for this post. I just learnt from it.

    I'm quite lazy in Promoting my blog posts (I just share the link on Facebook and on Instagram). I would need to work on this aspect.

    Commenting on other blogs has worked so well for me in increasing my blog's traffic.


  2. Your comment on a blog actually led me here before I got glued by the practical contents. #ThumbsUp

  3. This is lovely.. How did you use the shareholics and mailing list?


  4. Awesome advice. I will work on the email list thingy asap.
    Social meda isn't really my thing, even my personal Facebook sef I haven't updated in ages.
    But I think I have gotta try.
    I am very proud of you babe. You put in the work and got the results.

  5. You go Precious! That your post that brought 30k people must be such a winner. Well done! You're awesome!
    http://www.KacheeTee.com || Follow me on Bloglovin'!
    5 Different Support Networks Everyone Should Have

  6. That shareholics is giving me headache self. Doesn't it work on blogger platform?


  7. Thanks for sharing dear, you have answered some of the questions I had on my interview list for you. Nevertheless I have more, so wait for me:-)

  8. You mentioned it on Cassie's blog and I've been expecting this since then. Lol. First of all, thank youu for sharing. I've started taking posts promotion more seriously. It's work, gosh. Trying hard to be consistent. It's really not easy. Lol. I enjoyed reading this.
    Laitanbee Blog

  9. Hi Precious:

    Great content. I particularly appreciated your emphasis on the neglected strategy of "Name your pictures appropriately" (#6).

    I am guilty of neglecting this powerful strategy.

    RE:"I have seen a lot of big bloggers advise that you spend the same amount of time you take to create your content to share it."

    My view is the ratio should be 20-80. Spend 80% of your time PROMOTING the quality content you create.

    But never forget the one key constant should be high quality content.

    Anyone who needs promotional outlets should consult and bookmark my social bookmarking resource 83 Social Bookmarking Sites With Strong Alexa Rank That Can Make You A Power On The Internet

    Best of success.

  10. I'm glad you learned something, Yvy.
    Promote more often because if content is king then promotion is queen.

  11. Work on the email list, dearie.
    You'll have to try and join social media for the sake of the blog. That's where you will reach a ton of people. I only joined Instagram and Pinterest because of this blog.
    Thanks for always being so supportive. Hard work truly pays.

  12. Hi Favour, click on the hyperlinks in the post to get to the sites and you will find installation instructions there.

  13. Yes to getting glued!
    Thank you for being ever supportive, Seraph.

  14. Lol at interview list! Na so you don plan me??

  15. Yes, it does work on blogger. You'll have to put the code they give you into your blog's HTML

  16. Thanks for your sweet words, Kachee.
    That post is a winner indeed. It has been shared almost four thousand times!

  17. Hahaha you are a smart chic!
    You are welcome, dear. There is joy in sharing.
    Consistency means a lot of hard work and discipline!
    Thanks for stopping by, sweetie!

  18. Hi Robert,

    20-80 actually makes sense. We often tend to focus more on producing content than promoting content.

    High quality content is a must. Thank you for stopping by!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  19. Thank you for this Precious. I am certainly guilty of several of these points, especially not sharing enough. But as you said nothing beats great content.

    Still I rise

  20. You are welcome, dear. Great content is king!!

  21. Thank you for this tips Mummy Precious. 🙂

    Facebook! I better get back onnit again. Lol. You are an amazing blogger, I tell you ma'm. Keep doing what you do.

    amakamedia.com (Erm, you said I should keave a link. Right? :D)

  22. Interesting post, promote yourself, content and also comment on other blogs well done dear.


  23. Thanks Precious. Thanks a lot. I should start renaming my pictures and do more promotion. So much work but it's worth it. I always enjoy your blog. Congrats on its success.


  24. Hi Zinny, renaming the pictures really helps with SEO.
    Thanks for your kind words, dear!

  25. Awww presh, you got me in all the points. I'll start sharing more and naming my pictures appropriately. You're something else sis. We are in this together!

  26. Oh my Pre, bless your kind heart and sharing spirit. You can never imagine just how timely and helpful these blog series have been. I have been doing some of those you mentioned the picture naming and more social media sites like printerest is what I will be exploring next.

    Thank you very much for these.
    Learning daily. Let me start practice 🙂


  27. Bless you too sis!
    Hahahaha I can see your practice!

  28. We are in this this together, sis!
    All the best to you.

  29. Gawsh, number 4 irks me to no end!

    I'm so bad at promoting my posts – like terrible. Beyond terrible actually. It's so shameful. And you're very right about leaving comments on other blogs. It REALLY helps a lot.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  30. Promoting is actually almost as important as creating. Receive grace to promote!

  31. Great tips Precious. I'm still struggling to be consistent but hopefully soon. And i'll start sharing my posts n fb groups too. someone suggested that to me also but just too lazy to share my content. You also didn't mention SEO. SEO is a lot of work but it is equally very important.

    Being Antisocial

  32. SEO is very important, Tega.
    Maybe I will detail that in another post.

  33. I saw your shared blog post on facebook https://www.preciouscore.com/2016/08/15-cameroonian-meals-whole-world-should.html in a group – honestly I saw it in about three groups hahaha. But I mean I learned from you just by seeing that shared post and I went on to share my own post just like you did. That was before I saw this post and I appreciate your sharing. As you said Pinterest is a good place to share your posts and iI actually use that. Another great tool is twitter and google plus. To share your blog posts on twitter with the photos of the post you can use this tool called TwitShot which is a Google Chrome extension. You can also use sites like http://www.buffer.com to schedule and share your posts from your blog to your social media accounts.
    Hope my contribution was helpful.

  34. Hahaha three groups!

    I've heard great things about buffer. I'll give it a shot. Your contribution is very helpful. Thank you!

  35. I just started to try to promote.I always feel like I don't want to be in anybody's face with CheecheeLive.com but now I will do it unashamedly lol!!I've gotten a few lovely readers from here as well.You give great tips.Being consistent is a struggle.Right now Ella has become so attached to me I can hardly get any free time.I'm struggling honestly.


  36. Yes to doing it now unashamedly!
    I totally understand you dear. Blogging with a needy baby is so challenging. Don't be too hard on yourself. You could do a post a week and spend the rest of the week promoting it.

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  38. Thanks Precious. I just came accross your website and going through your cntents, am very impressed! I just launched my food blog this year and a little bit scraed that I might be doing something wrong with my contents……Any other tips for new bloggers? My website is http://unickitchens.com

  39. Hi Precious, thank you so much for this enlightenment. The content in this article has great value. Keep up the good work.

  40. Hi Precious, thank you so much for this enlightenment. The content in this article has great value. Keep up the good work.

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