Dear Precious, Should my Sister Marry a Catholic?

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Thank you. Am writing from Cameroon. My worry is this; My sister has this her friend whom she they had been together for almost two years now. they love each other so much and both family know about their friendship. The issue here is that we are Pentecostals(believer) while the guy is from a catholic background(unbeliever), and both my sister and the guy are not ready to compromise their denomination. So lately, he has been pushing on settling down. He even involved with my sisters church activities, and even attending some church programs. At this point we don’t know if he just want to entice my sister into accepting his proposal or if he really want to join her. Pls we really need your counsel if she should continue with the relationship or drop it and expect God for a believing guy. Thank you

Hello Lynda, the most important thing is not the church the guy attends. Not everyone in the Catholic church is an unbeliever. But is he born again? Does he have a testimony of salvation? Those are the questions your sister should ask him. If he has indeed given his life to Christ then he should be able to explain how his life changed.
But if not, then it will be better for your sister to call off the relationship. The Bible says can light and darkness go together? – 2 Corinthians 6:14

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