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Social media has been buzzing with news of a marital storm between Nigerian music star, Tiwa Savage and former manager turned husband, Tunji “Tee Billz” Balogun. A few days ago, Tee Billz took to Instagram to say despicable things about his wife, Tiwa. Tiwa then responded with an emotional interview that went further to reveal deep dirty things about their marriage. Here are five things their story tells us about marriage:

1. Celebrity marriages hardly last
 You know how Jesus said it will be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God? We can safely say here that it will be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a celebrity marriage to last a lifetime. These days, celebrity and successful marriage almost don’t belong in the same sentence. A celebrity like Omotola Ekeinde, who’s marriage has spun decades got married while still very young before she became a star. Many who marry as celebrities have a HARD time finding the right partner.
2. “Second-Hand” husbands abound…
…and women don’t care any more. Tiwa’s husband is said to have other children with other women. Gone are the days when a lot of ‘eligible bachelors’ were not fathers. Baby-daddyhood is the in-thing.
3. An expensive wedding can’t buy a great marriage
Tiwa had a lavish wedding in Dubai which was splattered all over the media two years ago. That wedding did not guarantee success in marriage. It beats me how some people still spend a huge part of their time and treasures to plan for a wedding that will last for a few hours. Yet they ignore preparing for the marriage which is the real deal. If more people focused on planning for marriage and not wedding, they would probably end up with different partners because planning for marriage will reveal red lights.
4. Money is IMPORTANT in marriage

Please underline the “IMPORTANT” and put a highlight on it. Who makes the money matters. How it is spent matters. Financial management can make or mar a marriage.



  1. You've said it all. We should all learn from this.

  2. Thanks for "shakaraing" your way into this post lol

  3. love love love this post. an expensive wedding doesn't guarantee a great marriage. precious do know how much they spent on the wedding huh? 20 million naira!

    they spent much time preparing for the wedding and no time for marriage smh.

  4. 20 million naira! It is sad!

  5. I think am growing old. Until I started reading about Tiwa on FB last week, didn't even know she existed. You said it all people plan more for the wedding than a marriage. Haba make dem go Dubai go learn ha for stay married. Ok ah don go me.

  6. Lol no be old age ma friend. All dat money for married don enter wata. When ah say do cheap wedding dem no wan hear. Thanks for coming and going lol

  7. I know very little about this tiwa. And I only know her some few years ago when I was watching Nigeria talent show. I saw her name making headlines in some blogs but didn't bother to read because some bloggers only look for the most random stories to fill up the space. But seeing it here I said ok there is actually something I will learn from it and yes I did. I learnt a new phrase "baby daddyhood". My precious friend u never disappoint. Keep putting that smile on people's faces. U were born to write. Stay blessed dear

  8. Thanks for always reading, hun. Stories are worthless if we can't use them to mirror our lives.

  9. Anonymous

    Make sure you know your self worth and God loves you before you get married.
    Tiwa and TJ mirror each other's flaws. They just demo differently and Tiwa is coded.
    I am not surprised by all the allegations. Only viewing the pictures prior marriage and post marriage. I would say Tiwa was a beautiful bride. But her body language has been speaking volumes people missed. Her dress sense to other people's weddings, her smile not reaching her eyes, her clench smiles. Look at the picture above and you think that's a happy woman and TJ is doesn't look happy either.
    The world will never fill the void we all seek. That's why they say seek yeah first the kingdom of God and all will be added unto you.
    Fellowship with God you be able to build your self, and know how to conduct in life; help you with situationships, marriageship, colleagueships, friendships, all the ships in you life
    It's rather unfortunate that they are in the public eye for their mess to be displayed. But alot of people rush for reasons best known to them.

  10. Thank you for this!!

  11. Pre,
    wisdom there..sadly enough so many young people focus now on the elaborate, want to impress wedding and do not bother about truly putting in the effort it takes to nurture and keep a marriage.

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