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Hello everyone, I feel inspired tonight because I have been brooding over the power of focus. If you’ve been reading this blog, you should know I recently started a side gig as an independent beauty consultant.

I mus confess my blog has suffered much due to that. It’s been quite a struggle trying to joggle my wife/mummy duties, writing and now, skin care. And I don’t even have a job out of home! Kudos to all the Moms who work, go to school and can still be Mummies.

Here is the truth: You can’t be effective at so many things at once. When you are effective at one, the other thing suffers and vice versa. I have seen this first hand.

That is why you need to focus.

Focus to me doesn’t mean refraining from multi-tasking. To many people, especially Moms, that is close to an impossibility. To me focus is choosing the things you really NEED to do then getting into schedule. Scheduling is everything. Start your days, weeks, months and years with a realistic plan.

When I set goals and achieve them, I reward myself. Sometimes I could set really unrealistic goals but I’m learning to move past that. It is rewarding to have achievable goals and hit them than to have a long list in your head that takes you no where. Sometimes we need to trim, trim and trim again so we do just what is IMPORTANT.

The goal of every goal should be to make impact. So brethren, whatever you do, do it as serving the Lord and not men- Colossians 3:23

As we get into November, get rid of those things that are weight us down and focus on what really matters- Hebrews 12:1


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  1. Thanks! for your post as usual and greetings from this radii.. As we enter into November focusing on the things that really matters, let us also don't forget that the clocks fall back by an hour as America returns to Standard Time. This signals lighter mornings and an extra hour in bed. So those of us living in the land of the FREE should also factor this in our planning.

    – Josh

  2. Thanks for that reminder… I had on my schedule to make a weekly schedule for about a month before I got to it…LOL
    In America life is forwarded 10X, weeks are like days and months like weeks, days to me seem like they are only 12 hours long…One important thing though is to SET REALISTIC and SPECIFIC goals and make sure we attain them, one at a time. Never forgetting that life is all vanity, chasing the wind, doing all things knowing that we shall give an account of every idle word we spoke! really??? every idle word? Yes, read Mat. 12:36.

  3. Hmmm scripture says it is vain that you wake up early and go to bed late, eating the bread of anxious toil. May we not eat the bread of anxious toil. It's so easy to focus on the wrong things. Doing the right thing often requires some effort.

  4. Setting realistic, simple, reachable goals also help to stay focused. Thanks for the reminder. Anxious care makes us want to do things faster, we forget that it instead makes us not to achieve anything at all. Simple, reachable realistic goals, that is my way of doing things.

  5. It helps to set goals that are achievable. You can do anything but not everything. Also, accuracy is more important than speed. It is not how fast that matters but how well. Thanks for your presence, sis.