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My people, I received the most shocking news yesterday. My former school mate who equally lives here in Minnesota lost her life in a car accident. Her name is Mbuh Patience Ndikum and we had some catching up time a while ago. We told stories and reminisced for hours on end. Little did I know that it was going to be our last conversation while seeing, eye-to-eye. 

Patience died in a car accident on her way from neighbouring state, Iowa to Minnesota. She was such a sweet soul. So full of life, so full of ambition. I called her phone, wishing she would pick up and talk to me as usual but no answer. I just wanted her to tell me she is fine and the news I heard was a case of mistaken identity. But she won’t answer.

She left this earth with her friend, Annie Divine who was in the car with her. Their car was hit by an oncoming truck. I still can’t believe she’s gone.

Her last post on a food group I run on Facebook was this one with Scotch Eggs. She was a fellow food enthusiast and so full of life.

The death of Patience and her friend ( a mother of a baby and toddler) has reminded me that life is sooo short. I just want to be right with and live my life giving as much as I can. Death is imminent. I have also chosen to appreciate the times during which I hear no bad news. It is so sad to see a promising life cut short by the cold hands of death. May God comfort us all.

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  1. Take heart dear Precious be strong n be of good courage, to everything in life there is a season..may their souls rest in perfect peace n may God be with and comfort the family members left behind..
    Ow is the family doing..

  2. Indeed my dear. There is a season for everything. The family is doing great. Thank you for asking.

  3. Living life should really be in its fullest as u said precious.So that at the end we can sleep in the hands of God with no regrets feeling that we impacted our generation.Thank God, Patience left us with this beautiful recipe for scotch egg to rem her for beside the other beautiful mermories. Hmm we need to think of what mermories we will also leave when we sleep in the Lord.may her blessed soul rest in peace.

  4. I'll certainly make those scotch eggs in memory of her. May God help us to live lives that will leave beautiful foot prints.

  5. Pele dear.
    Death is hard. Especially when it's unexpected.
    Our tenant, living next door died two Saturdays ago. She was pregnant with twins. After five years of marriage.
    I took it hard.
    I took it hard. Seeing her car still showing that beeping red light breaks me . She Just went to the hospital on Friday and she never came home.
    Her poor husband is devastated. Hasn't slept home since then.
    I don't even have the words to comfort him.
    What on earth does one say ehn?

    Sorry about the death of your friend. God will comfort those left behind.
    And we that are left behind will not suffer loss or be mourned in Jesus name. Amen.

    We will all do well to live like people who are going to give account one day.

  6. Losing someone you know is a hard thing to live with. Thanks dear.

    I can't even begin to imagine what your tenant could be going through right now. May God comfort that family.