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This post is part 4 my minimalism series. Read the intro to the series here, part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.

I have a confession to make. I was addicted to my cell phone. Now if my phone was like the “round-headed” Motorola whose sole purpose was to make and receive calls and text messages, this would not have been a problem. But the world evolved and I had a smart phone in my hands. A phone that is so colourful and filled with “apps”.

There is Facebook, and then there is Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, blogs to read, interesting websites with news. All sorts of things. There is even email right on my phone. And I have unlimited access to the internet. My phone notifies me when there is new information coming in one these apps.

And this phone, people, was mostly in my hands. I held it so much sometimes for so long at a ‘browsing session’ that my wrists began to ache. True story.

Overcome Social Media Addiction

My vision will sometimes be blurred. And I couldn’t get enough rest. Because my phone accompanied me to bed. I couldn’t even pray as I should because when I woke up in the morning, the first thing I would reach out for would be my phone. I will check and respond to notifications. Sometimes this took up to 30 minutes – time that would have been invested in a meaningful conversation with Jesus.

“Mummy why are you always on your phone??” This was the question my daughter asked me. I felt so ashamed. I don’t want to be the Mummy whose head is buried constantly in her phone. I don’t want to have a relationship with my phone that strives more than the relationship I have with the people around me. I understood that if I kept modelling my phone addiction to my girls, they will eventually become as addicted as me. And I didn’t want that.

So I decided that I MUST put an end to phone addiction. It was doing me no good. While social media helps us connect with friends and family throughout the world, overusing it could be detrimental. So I decided to be in charge of my social media life. I was so excited to minimalise social media. Here are the steps I took:

  • I use Facebook for a few minutes (about 10 minutes) at a time (mostly to promote my blog posts). I log out as soon as I am done then I keep my phone far, far away from me.
  • At some point in the day, I decide that I am done with social media and screens: phone computer and TV. I use the rest of the day to connect meaningfully with my kids, with nature or read a book.
  • I DO NOT take my phone to bed. I have experienced so much peace with this one and I encourage you to try it too. No more scrolling through my phone at bedtime. It is just an unhealthy habit. Yikes!
  • I do not look at my phone first thing in the morning.
  • I do not try to keep up with all the social media trends. For example, I am not on Snapchat and I won’t join it unless I find a genuine need to do so.
  • I know this post is about social media mainly but I’ll like to say something we did with regards to TV. We cancelled our cable subscription over a year ago. It has saved us money and unnecessary shows. I want Food Network, though.

So those are the steps I have taken to be delivered from the mental clutter that comes with overexposure to social media. I feel so much peace now. Dealing away with social media clutter is totally worth it! And let me tell you; I am still a work in progress. Every day, I have to consciously choose to not spend a lot of time in front of screens. When I keep my phone down and look up, I experience the beauty of life the way I should.

Further reading: How Social Media Affects Us

Next Tuesday, I will share how I minimise waste.

Which social media do you love best? Would you like to reduce time spent on these? Let’s talk.


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  1. True story!!!!! This hit a nail for me too. I had delivered myself from the fangs and claws of social media and then somehow got lured back in!! Thanks for sharing this Pre – cuz it sure spoke to me and I believe it does for many as well! Aha! I have to go cancel my cable today sef – something barely watched yet making payments to shareholders of some company. God bless you my Precious!! ❤️?

    1. I love how you call it the fangs and claws. Ah! We have to constantly work at it, hun. Lol @ paying money to some company. I don’t miss the cable at all.
      So happy this hit home for you. God bless you, darling. ??

  2. Oh! I came back! Yeah after signing out of here and seeing my whatsapp notifications!! Yesus!!! That is a huge one for me! In spite leaving a zillion groups, the few groups which most of them are family groups won’t let my phone rest!!! I need Jesus to deliver me from social media! Chaiiii!!! The devil must be very proud…I think!

    1. Ha! I feel you, sis. What’s App is another one. I have politely declined when people ask to add me there because I rarely check it. Seriously the devil must be proud – but we are kicking his butt!

  3. #SoberMood# Tanks Precious 4 this piece,it reflects me,I am so addicted to phone to the extent that my Bro-in-law noticed and told my hubby,yet I woundnt even be bothered,it just feels like I can’t help it at times.You don’t know how timely this post is for me?I will put a conscious effort to minimize it.Just last night,hubby and I retired to bed and we both went 4 our phones,then few minutes,he said “wen we are suppose to be talking or cuddling,we are both busy with our phones.Then it dawned on me the havoc this can actually on my home.I can’t thank u enough dear,God bless you.

    1. So glad this is timely for you, Larrypat. Addiction to our phones can actually destroy our relationships. Our beds should be for sleep and sex. Not going through our phones.

  4. Wowww, very true my dear, we’ve become too addicted to our phones that it separates us from the people close to us that we love and who need our attention.
    Thanks sooooo much for the write up. It’s really going to help me discipline myself.
    Kudos Preshy.

  5. This is so spot on! At a point, it’s easy not to realize one is addicted till you notice a trend or someone mentions it and I’m like, ‘when did it get to this stage?”
    I’m also not on snapchat as I see no need for it. I have enough ‘distractions’ in my life already and that’s enough at the moment. I realised that the less I spend time on these things, the more I’m attentive and easily learn from God.
    Much love dear. xo!

    1. “I realised that the less I spend time on these things, the more I’m attentive and easily learn from God.”
      So true, dear. These things occupy valuable time that could be spent with the Lord. May He help us keep aside all distractions (every weight and sin) and run this race light.

  6. Dear Precious, I totally understand the social media addiction. I love love Instagram but it does consume my money through data subscriptions. So I found a way to minimise my addiction by not subscribing for a full data bundle on my phone just so I could stay away from Instagram for a while and it always works.

    1. I love the approach you took. Make it less available so you don’t have to check it all the time. Thanks for sharing, dear.

  7. I have been thinking about this for a very long time. I am someone who is drawn to knowledge per time. Religion, Nature, Politics, Motivations, etc. so I find out that I end up reading all day, talking with people and I do little of the real reading I am to do as a student. I am so loving this series… Thanks precious

  8. This post is quite helpful. Thank you Precious. We all need to check our attitude to social media once in a while.