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African Meatball recipe. These African meatballs are the best!
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African Meatballs – Video Recipe

I’m immortalizing my African Meatballs recipe today by adding a video to it. The step-by-step photo version of the recipe can be found here: African Meatballs. Here is one thing I must tell you about these meatballs: Mr. N doesn’t like meat but he LOVES these meatballs. I think it is […]

Oven Grilled Tilapia recipe
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The great African oven grilled tilapia! Moist, spicy, with awesome flavors, this oven grilled fish is so tasty! Read on to learn my technique for ensuring that seasoning gets right to the bone of the fish; Plus my insanely good technique for ensuring that the fish remains moist after cooking. […]

Coconut Fried Rice
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This Coconut Fried Rice gained VIP status when I took it to a potluck a while back. At the potluck was various women from different countries. Guess what… they all ate and appreciated the food so much. In other words, I was the star of that evening. Did I mention […]

Goat Meat Pepper Soup Recipe.
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A hearty soup cooked with goat meat, herbs and spices. This Goat Meat Pepper Soup recipe is so easy to make and perfect for cold days! Baby it’s cold outside! These days, each time I go outside, I just want to run back inside. It’s so cold that when we […]

Egusi Stew
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Welcome to your new favorite stew! Egusi stew!! This stew is luscious, full of flavor and absolutely to die for. I love having it with boiled rice or boiled plantains. So tasty! If you are not familiar with the word, Egusi is a seed which is basically the same thing […]