Friends, where do I start from?! Do I start from the fact that I fell sick (not that kind of sickness!) and literally disappeared online for a whole week?! Amazingly, Facebook survived without me. Ha!

Or do I start from the fact that upon recovery, I made a CRAZY decision to move my blog from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress?! If you don’t understand what that means, don’t bother about it at all. I was in your shoes until something came over me one day  then I picked up my computer and started writing things for people to read across the world. Things which sometimes embarrass me. But that’s a story for another day.

During my period of tribulation, I only managed to keep my girls alive (translation: feed them) and educate them. A lot of you awesome people sent me messages to ask how I was doing. Thank you so much, friends! I am up and about once again. I am strong, healthy, enjoying food like you see above and enjoying life.

And I’m back to keeping the blog running!

Please please please, listen now (in my principal’s voice). If you tried to access a post and it gave you an error, please contact me at and I will get the permalink fixed ASAP. Some post links have been returning errors (error 404) after the migration but I’m getting them fixed.

If you saw my blog look awful in the past few days, that was a part of the reconstruction process. It is still a tad without form and void. I am brooding over it and soon there shall be light. What are your thoughts on the new design? I’ll really appreciate your your ideas and suggestions so I can modify things for the better.

Also, I am working on making my YouTube cooking show better so look out for that. If you have not subscribed yet, now is a good time to hit that SUBSCRIBE button. AND I just realised today that I reached 500 subscribers!!! Thanks to you all who have accepted to be partakers in my obsession with cooking.

Some of you wonderful people kept dropping comments even when my blog was tumultuous. Some of them may not show under the posts because the blog was under fixing then and they got lost. But I read every one of them and I smiled and learned. THANK YOU so much for always visiting!

Maybe someday I will share my Blogger to WordPress story under the Blogging category for my blogging friends who want to take the leap. Boy, was it messy! But I am happy where I am now. I have SO MUCH control over my site and I actually own my blog now. What a relief!

This day, October 1st 2016 is the begining of a new chapter for me.

In other news, this is a picture Mr N took of me in my moment of grooviness. That man I married can’t be trusted with a camera.


You know that thing I said up there about embarrasing myself? Yeah, that!

How is everyone doing? What have you been up to? I have missed the blogosphere so much! Have a great new month and last quarter of the year! And happy independence day to all my Nigerian friends!

It does not, therefore, depend on human desire or effort, but on God’s mercy. Romans 9: 16 NIVpre-signature-pro


  1. Just discovered your blog and I love it. Your pun on without form or void had me smiling. I’ll definitely be visiting more. Oh, and I also recently realised that Facebook and Instagram and the works will survive without me oh, and I was feeling like a principal shareholder before. lol.

    6 things we sometimes forget to be grateful for

    • Hi May, you just visited my blog and I love you already. Thank you for visiting!!
      Facebook, Instagram and their siblings will definitely survive without us oo.
      Lol at principal shareholder!

  2. Thanks to you for fish roll receipe it is the best.

  3. We missed you! Welcome back! i def noticed some things were changing but i wasn’t sure what it was. I hear WordPress is generally better. For a second, I thought it was that kain* of sickness. So good to have you back!!

    • Yay! Look who’s here. Yes, WordPress is better in a lot of ways. I know people always think of “fine sickness” whenever a married woman is sick. One can not be sick of something else again. Lol
      Thank you for being so sweet!

  4. I missed you.. It’s amazing how we keep up with all of life’s activities. Glad you’re back. Please share the move with us soon. I can’t imagine anything like a move. I’m so scared of any mess up. Kudos!!

  5. Welcome back.. I hope whatever took you away from us has been settled and your attention will focus on us tooooooooo? Good to have you back on our Independence Day..

  6. I kept on checking your blog for updates. You were really missed oh. And we’re waiting for that transition story. The picture looks cute! And welcome back ?
    Laitanbee Blog

  7. Presh is back!!!I’m smiling from ear to ear, typing this. I kept visiting your site, even after you confirmed you had a reason for the hiatus. But it was getting too darn long and so I actually thot you were having the “good sickness”.lol. Noticed the skeletal blog and I knew you were redesigning, but moving to WordPress is a big move. Kudos babe. You’d love it with WP.Your site looks great. Welcome back, love.*bear hugs*

  8. Wtelcome back dear,
    Glad to know you are fine and moved to WordPress. I was actually going to start my blog on blogger because you said you haven’t seen a wordpress blog you liked in your post on how to start a blog:-) I am curious to know about the transition. I love this new era

    • Yes dear, in that post I was actually referring to not With, you do not still own your blog and I haven’t seen a blog on it that I really like. It is hard to design your blog in a professional way, you can’t monetise with ads, you can’t use the variety of free plugins available, etc. So I recommend Blogger for a newbie because there are AWESOME themes that will make your blog great and look professional even if you are just starting out. So in that post, I was actually referring to should update the post to make it clear. I moved to I have seen many blogs using it that I really like. And with this, you can do just about ANYTHING you want with your blog. Hope this makes sense.

      • Thanks so much dear that makes plenty sense, I am actually on, has a lot to work on though. I love the transition, it looks really professional and neat:-) Please update that post oh, it has been a reference point to many…

        • Did I say .org? Not yet oh but from research I know it is the best so far

          • I have updated the post, sweetie. Thanks for pointing that out! I know many don’t know the difference between and, quite good!

  9. Should I now say sickness is good? – it has brought out this new beginnings na! jk.

    Welcome back! 

  10. Hello Precious, been a while, welcome back and I welcome myself back as well. Thank God for His mercies, where do I start reading this recipes from o! Chai, I ll try and catch up asap. Kisses. Bola

    • Oh my God! Bola, I am so happy to have you back that my eyes water. No jokes. I was thinking of you and wondering where you had disappeared to. I even thought of calling you out (in a good way) in a post. So glad to have you back dear!

  11. So glad to know that you are back. I kept coming over for something new. Wish you good health and all the best for the rest of the year!

  12. Welcome Back sweet… I kept visiting your blog every blessed day and I was wondering what could have happened… Thank God for his mercies… Hey sickness (in whatever form), don’t you EVER visit Precious again IJN, except the other one sha, and to that I proclaim triplets unto you ….

  13. Hi Precious I have been a quiet viewer on your Blog and I love what you are doing.
    You make cooking great dishes sound so easy thumbs up.

  14. I missed you ooo. So glad you are back kept checking to see what’s up with you. Please tell us your migration story o mainwhile i don enter one chance with my blog o but need you to recover while i source for other alternatives.

  15. Nice blog you have here. Have been trying to reach you via My mails were rejected. May be the migration caused that. Inspired by your simplicity. Could you please help me with your personal email addy?
    Happy Independence to you too,we pray this be the begining of a new chapter for the country as well.

    • Oh, so sorry about that. I’m sure something about the migration caused that and I’ll get it fixed ASAP. Reach me at nkeihprecious(at)gmail(dot)com

  16. Loving this new move and maybe thank goodness for sickspiration 🙂
    Welcome back dear missed you and really loving this. Taking notes for that day I decide to build my own house 🙂
    More manyanga to u sis and keep taking care.

  17. Congrats on the transition!
    I moved from blogger to and I loved it. I haven’t upgraded yet but I still love the WordPress home.

  18. Great to have you back, I prefer this theme it’s easier to go through than the last and sorry about your sickness, made me remember when I was sick

  19. Nice to know you are back.
    How are you dear.
    Congrats on moving to
    Maybe I will consider it too when you write about the transition and how easy/difficult it was.

  20. Yay!! Welcome to da’ club. Haha. Yea I remembered when I was writing on blogger too before moving to a free hosted site and then my own site. It was ‘wonderful’ let me put it in those words. Glad to know you’re great 🙂 xo!

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