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You guys, my story has refused to stick to the script these beginning days of 2017. This is what the script looked like:

-Teach my kids intensely

-Publish three recipes(one a video recipe) in the first week

-Host a new year giveaway

-Prepare and enjoy all sorts of healthy meals

-Start Bible-in-one-year plan

But this is what has actually happened;

-An unprecedented trip to the hospital in an ambulance due to chronic neck pain – muscle spasm

-Being unable to do much apart from lying down, sitting, crying, wishing, praying, etc

I have been given various powerful pain killers but they work for a while then the pain returns. I have prayed and I have been prayed for. The pain is still there.

I have lightly massaged the area, applied heat and cold to it, applied peppermint oil, watched neck sprain videos on YouTube and practiced everything from acupuncture to neck exercises. What kind of pain is this?

As much as this frustrates me, I’m hanging in here and trusting God that this too shall pass. Please pray for me. If you have any ideas on how I could alleviate this pain, please kindly share.

I’ll be back full swing when this thorn in my flesh is over.

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  1. Dear Precious I’m so sorry for your health.I speak good health to your neck right now,that pain has loosen its grip on you,the devil is defeated in your life right this instance in Jesus mighty name.Precious your testimony is now.I’d also like to share my testimony with you of how I got healed of a serious persisting chest pain just before 25th of December 2016(precisely 22nd of Dec 2016).I started feeling this sharp pain in my chest that kept persisting.right then I knew that the devil was about to prevent me from finishing 2016 strong,I took charge and travailed in prayers before God,I prayed the first night and spoke positively to my chest,the second day I fasted,prayed and anointed my chest,studied and read Psalms 91,anionted my room with a bottle of annointed oil( Goya olive oil).Precious to God be the Glory on the third day which was on the 24th of December 2016 Heavens doors was opened to me and God healed me of that sharp chest pain.I spent my Christmas healthy, strong and now I’m here in 2017 waxing even stronger and basking in God’s grace.That same God has healed you right now Precious. God bless you.

  2. Happy new year Precious!!!
    Wow…really sorry to hear this. Don’t worry you’ll be fine. Just try not to apply so much press to the area and relax though I know you might find it hard to. Just relax and take lots of rest and try and be positive. I remember when I had an accident and I felt helpless for weeks, but soon it was over and it feels like a memory. I took the chance to read books and relax in the house. Praying for you. You’ll be fine in Jesus name and return bouncing.
    Much love.xo!

    1. Amen! The pain is barely there now and the excruciating part totally feels like a memory. I can’t believe I couldn’t turn my head just some days ago. Thank you, dear.