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It is a cool Saturday evening. The air is fresh after few drops of rain hit the ground. My older girls are in bed and I am *dancing zenge for Jesus*. Before they go to sleep we play a game. I pretend to fall asleep. one of them screams and we laugh. After doing it over and over again, I am tired with my ribs aching from so much laughter.

My middle girl keeps saying, “again!” and we play again. When I can take it no more, I caution her, (more like yell at her) “You can not play forever. Now let’s pray and go to bed.” Haba! I literally spend my days preparing for bedtime and now that it is my turn to shine you want to put sand sand in my Garri? No way!
After the prayers and the tucks, they start telling me endless cute stories and promises about Easter. Girl number 2 has promised to make a BIG TB (TV) for me tomorrow. I cut in and say quickly, “girls, go to bed. God bless you! I love you.” As I hurry out, I hear girl number 1‘s voice fading out, “but I didn’t even finish my story…”
Honestly, I didn’t want her to finish the story. And I’m not looking forward to the finishing of that story. End of story.
What was this post going to be about again? Oh, Easter! I have had a couple of difficult days after hearing some devastating news which I shared on Here’s What’s Up. I still can’t get over the fact that a father put his peepee into his daughter’s weewee.
After going through some very difficult days brooding over this, I can use some of the power that Easter offers us. No matter how sad a situation is, I don’t think anything brings more sadness than death. Death means it is finished. However, life ensures continuity. As long as there is life, there is hope. If you still breathe, then you can live.
I know a Man through that went through the worse of them all, He was despised, bruised and nailed on the cross. He was tortured to death. Yet He rose again on the third day!
Easter means that no matter how torturing your situation is, you can rise again. When people expect to find you in that dark situation as the women went to look for Jesus in the tomb, they will no longer find you there!
Easter means that there is NOTHING God can not fix. Redemption is possible even in the deepest of valleys. 
Your life can be beautiful once again. You can let go of all worries and find peace like a river.
You can make it again. Yes you can!
That marriage can work again. Your love can be renewed.
You can get that job you want. You can make that income.
You can succeed in that school again.
Your body can become whole again. You can do the things you couldn’t do before.
You can be made whole. Yes, wholeness is coming your way.
I know that the girl whose own father defiled her can still have a beautiful life. Yes she can!
If death could not keep Jesus bound, nothing should keep us bound.
“The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead, he will give life to your mortal bodies by this same Spirit living with you.” Romans 8:11 

Happy Easter!

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  1. Yes dear, we never wish for such stories. It's a sick world indeed but thank God we are connected to the great Healer. The girl is doing quite fine now and looking forward to going back to school. Happy Easter to you and yours. Thank you!

  2. My dear I read that story and closed it so fast trying to pretend I didn't read it or that it didn't happen. It is incomprehensible that a dad can look at his own daughter and abuse her in that manner, but then again we are living in a sick world. Like you said there is nothing God can not fix. He created us and has spare parts for every situation. I pray for the poor girl to uave a fulfilled life and be a light for the others who have been in similar situation. Happy Easter to u and your beautiful family.