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Yes, I know Jesus has the church which is the body of Christ. But what if Jesus owned a church – a denomination, a group of people under a specific name like people do today? What would have happened if Jesus, the King of the universe had a building where He actually preached every Sunday morning and had mid-week Bible study?

Here is what I think would have happened:

His church would have been a free-for-all. Everyone on the surface of this earth would have known that they could attend that church anytime. No one would have felt left out or incapable of attending because of their financial status, lifestyle or any other hindrance. It would have been a very accessible church.

No one would have been turned back at the door because of the way they looked – their dressing, their indecency or any other form of inadequateness. The Pharisees would have been very uncomfortable with that church because of the mix of undeserving people!

I’m thinking in Jesus’ church, there wouldn’t have been a special seat far away from the audience where Jesus would have sat waiting for the time to preach. He would have mingled with His people sometimes washing their feet, sometimes cleaning around before service begins.

I’m thinking in Jesus’ church, there wouldn’t have been special front seats  for those who came looking rich and well put together. Even those in rags would have been free to sit where they liked. Those without more than a few pennies to their names would have felt welcome – they might not have have had a place in society,  but they must have have felt welcome in Jesus’ church. In fact, in Jesus’ church, paupers would have been princes.

Jesus’ church would have been full of sinners – tax collectors (like Matthew), dupes, prostitutes, and all the criminals of society. It would have been a mix of imperfect people that had no decent place in society. Because Jesus did not come for those who are well but for those who are sick (Mark 2:17).

But here is the thing: all these imperfect people that would have made up Jesus church could not have stayed the same way after they attended Jesus’ church. They would have been so convicted of sin and pricked to their hearts that though they came in sin, they left filled with the righteousness of God.

The church of Jesus would have been a ground of transformation – a place where no one enters and returns the same. It would have been impossible to encounter Jesus at His church and go back to your old ways.

Jesus’ church would have been filled with truth – gut honesty, telling-it-as-it, non sugar-coated truth in the sermons of Pastor Jesus.

In Jesus’ church all men, I mean all men – people of every nation, tongue and tribe would have found a place. The weak, the poor, the lonely, the broken, the wretched, the depressed, the malicious, the unforgiving… they would have all found rest with Jesus.

What are the things you think would have happened if Jesus actually had a church – a denomination, a group of people under a particular name? Please share.

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  1. For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost(Luc 10:19).
    The church of Jesus per say would be filled with lost souls( the prostitute, the broken mind/heart, the weak, the poor, the criminal, the homosexual, the gang rapist, the pimp, and you can name many more… ).
    Would everybody then respond to the wake up call? We are all imperfect people by essence, and that is why Christ came to restore what was lost in the way. My prayer is that all humankind comes to understand the power of redemption and forgiveness.
    Very insightful Precious!!!!!!

    1. Amen. The power of redemption and forgiveness. Thank God for loving us to much that He invites us all into His wonderful kingdom. Thank you for your insightful comment, Candice!

  2. Precious, I totally agree with you, Jesus’ church would have been a ‘come one come all church ‘. It would have been a place where the scripture ‘come unto me all yea that labor and are heavy laden’ would be fulfilled. This post was well mapped out, I love it, Precious.