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Ladies and gentlemen, the trailer for my YouTube cooking show, Precious Kitchen is finally here! I am so excited!!! It was a hard time, choosing the best shots as I edited.

No, my face is too long in that one.

No, I don’t like the way my body is shaking in that one.

No, my tummy is showing too big in that one.

A girl’s struggle is real.

At the end of the day, I am so happy that I got the video out. Precious Kitchen is all about sharing my obsession with cooking with the world. There you will see me steam, fry, bake, grill and lest I forget, eat. So be sure to subscribe so you do not miss a single weird thing. You will get a new video every Saturday morning my time so you can easily make watching the videos your Saturday morning pleasurable activity. Amiright?

I want to especially thank Mr N for working so hard behind the scenes to make sure I do these videos. Without him, I couldn’t have made all the videos playing on Precious Kitchen. I simply can’t thank him enough.

And thank you all for watching. I heart you!


About Precious

Welcome to my core! I am Precious Nkeih, the recipe developer and writer right here on my blog, Precious Core. My goal is to show you insanely delicious recipes you can replicate in your kitchen. And I love to tell stories too. Hope you find recipes here that will make cooking easier for you! Check me out on YouTube at YouTube.com/PreciousKitchen.

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  1. Greetings precious,
    I love your videos and i have been watching closely and i have developed love to be like you.
    Can you please mentor me and direct me?

  2. One thing your blog has been doing to me lately is telling me everyday “GET MARRIED”. Please dear sister, warn yourself o, when someone start watching video again, reading wonderful marriage and family lessons “upandan” (up and down) yet unmarried……E be like say u no wan allow person sef…. “Oya, seraph calm down, e remain small, you go soon marry” enjoy the video anyway…..#EyesRolling

  3. Woop woop!! Congratulations can’t wait for it to start! Many thanks to Mr N for being such a great support to you xx

  4. Wow! We gats to ‘wash’ this o. Congratulations dearie, this shall be the least of your accomplishments. I really want to see you eat!
    May God continue to bless Mr N and keep you guys strong. Congrats again dear.

    1. Hahaha Bola we gat to wash it down for real. You can already see me eating in the previous videos ooo. Thanks dear. You are so sweet.

  5. Congratulations Precious! The best time to start something is today. It’s your first time and I believe things will indeed improve. In time, you’ll get used to it. We got your back.