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A lot of times, I have heard people say “salvation is personal”. They then translate that into meaning you can just be a Christian in your corner, not fellowship with anyone and be good. How wrong. If salvation is personal is translated to mean your decision to follow God is a personal one that  only you can take, then that is so right. However, you can’t just be a Christian in a tiny corner alone. You need to fellowship with like-minded people. The Bible says it is a pleasant thing – “How good it is when brethren dwell together.” Psalm 133:1

One great way of making this fellowship happen is by going to a HEALTHY Bible believing church. I stress on healthy here because some churches can be detrimental to your spiritual well-being. You want to look for a church that makes you want to love God more. Your church should remind you of the realities of heaven and hell. Your church shouldn’t be just about the here and now but also the life hereafter.

When you find that healthy church, here is why you must attend it.

  1. Your faith is strengthened. Have you noticed how there are so many things in the world now that could make you doubt God’s very existence? There are so many confident atheists and people who believe in all sorts of weird things. Sometimes you could look at these people and wonder if you are doing the right thing. However, when you meet regular with people that believe in Jesus as you do, your faith in Him gets strengthened. Scripture says iron sharpens iron so does one man sharpen another.(Proverbs 27:17) Scripture also says faith comes by hearing the word of God. (Romans 10:17)
  2. You have been blessed with spiritual gifts that will be a blessing to the other believers. You going to church shouldn’t just be to receive the word of God but to give in any way you can. Your spiritual gifts could edify other Christians so please don’t keep that at home. (1 Cor 12)
  3. You get encouraged. Life has it’s down moments and sometimes you really just need to go somewhere healthy and meet the right people and listen to the right things. Church is that place. A session in church with a timely message will work wonders for your soul. (Acts 9: 31)
  4. You were not made to do life alone. God made us to interact with others. That’s why even Jesus had twelve disciples. He needed people in His life. When He was in His moment of pain, He took them to the garden to pray with Him (even though that thing Peter did was weird). All I am saying is we all need people in our life. Church is the right place to meet them. We shouldn’t forsake that gathering. (Hebrews 10:25)
  5. You need church to grow. Your growth as a Christian will be very stunted if you don’t meet with other believers. Think about a hand trying to function without been attached to a body.Fail! Church will help you understand the Bible more which is the food for your soul. You are part of the body of Christ so you should always stay connected to that body. (Ephesians 5: 30)

Bonus points:

-If you are single, you may meet a God-loving life partner. No jokes. I met Mr. N in church.

-If you have kids, taking them to church will tremendously help their believe in God. I see this in my kids.

– It is fun! In my church we laugh and have fun while growing in our faith. Our motto is “we weren’t listening when they said church was supposed to be boring.” I love that place!

So brethen, that is why thou must go to church. And thou shall let me know in the comment section below your number one reason for going or not going to church.

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  1. Welcome back Precious!!! Glad to have you back. xx

    I loved your points. I’ve heard people saying their reasons why they don’t go to church and though it sounds ‘legal’ it is not an excuse. We don’t go to work just because the people there are nice to us. We go because it’s something we have to do. How much more as Christians? If I was basing my love for God on how the church has treated me in the past then I would have stopped being Christian a long time ago. Jesus is the reason we live and love and should seek to look beyond offenses and fellowship with one another. If we don’t get it now, then how can we get it in heaven? It’s not magic. It starts now. lol Imagine scattered raindrops and a heavy flood rushing to a point. Which will stop people? I’m sure the latter will. Same with when children of God become one and unite. God didn’t intend for us to do life alone. A healthy church is also good or you might walk out of faith the way you walked in.
    And to top it all, it’s just by God’s grace because for the times I’m tempted to wonder about a few friends who no longer believe, I am reminded of His grace and mercy.

    Much love Precious. xo!

    1. So true, Itunu! You might walk out of faith the same way you walk in if you choose to live your Christian life alone. I couldn’t have said it better. Thanks dear! Sending ehugs your way.

  2. Love the new look. We have missed your posts oh.
    Hope you feel better and the sickness is over.
    I love the way the comment section now looks .