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your conscience
Two days ago, I drove out of the house to run a couple of errands. While I was on the highway, I noticed that I couldn’t hear the audible clicking noise that emanated from putting on the turn signal. I checked the car’s dashboard and also noticed that the typical blinking arrows that came on when a turn signal was on were absent. I immediately suspected that my turn signals had stopped doing their job. I panicked. 

What if a car bumped into me from the back while I was about to make a turn because they didn’t see any turn signal on? What if I got pulled-over by the police? Thoughts ran through my head like waves in a torrent. Then I remembered something. I remembered that when I was reading for my driving test, there was a part that said apart from using the in-built car turn signals, you could indicate when you want to make a turn by a show of hand. 
So I took down my door glass and my hand became the official trafficators. I would send my left hand out and indicate when I was to change a lane or make a turn. I am pretty sure some road users who saw me send out my hand thought I was giving them the “good luck sign”.
Anyways, as I kept doing that, I gradually became weary. Then I started “forgetting” to send out the hand at times and by the time I returned home, I had almost completely stopped using my hand as a turn signal.
Here is the thing: I no longer panicked about an accident. I no longer worried about the police. I gradually became complacent and it almost felt like the car was okay. Almost. My conscience no longer pricked me as much.
Sometimes, I start doing something I KNOW isn’t right for me to do like ignoring the laundry. The first time I tried it, I just couldn’t live life beautifully, knowing that I had clothes to wash/fold. Then I tried it again and it didn’t feel so uncomfortable. And now…
I am a semi-okrika seller, who digs into rumpled mountains of clothing to find appropriate wears for her clients (the girls). I just discovered that having loads of untreated laundry have become my new norm. Though I didn’t choose it, I gradually walked into it.
Have you become weary of doing the right thing and become complacent? Have you gradually walked into a bad habit? 
It may be social media. You started by taking a few peeks into Facebook. Then you started spending more time on it. At first, you felt drained and unfulfilled thereafter but you kept on. Now, social media has become your new home and you are not guilty anymore.
It may be your eating/drinking habits. You couldn’t eat too much sugar or drink alcohol. But you gradually walked in, abused them and got hooked.
It may be the way you treat your body. You treated that body as the temple of the Holy Spirit. You didn’t let it get touched inappropriately or expose it inappropriately. But you started letting down your guards and your body became something different from the temple of the Holy Spirit.
You see, habits are not formed in a day. We gradually walk into them. Just like I became comfortable with my failed turn signal, it is easy to get comfortable with the wrong things.
Which wrong thing are you getting comfortable with right now? Do a self-check my friend and stop taking the wrong path now so your conscience doesn’t become seared/dead.
“… and their consciences are dead.” 1 Timothy 4:2b
A dead conscience no longer accuses you.
A dead conscience makes you comfortable in the wrong thing.
A dead conscience makes you believe a lie is true.
A dead conscience is DANGEROUS. Are you letting your conscience die gradually? Are you making this mistake with your conscience?
If you feel guilty about this, here are some steps to help you:

  • Ask God to forgive you.
  • Set realistic goals to help you combat the bad habit.
  • Don’t go back.

May God help us all.
P.S: I have decided to dedicate thirty minutes of my time everyday this week to laundry.
What is one bad habit you want to change?

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  1. Oh thank you for sharing this. This was for me to read. Love the steps you highlighted. Happy New Month, mum Precious!

  2. Me ah no like for wash clothes too so naturally, they pile. Na me and U di sell Orikrika lol.
    This was timely. Thank you. Honest self examination is always necessary. We all have that one battle we keep fighting and sometimes, it is easy to just give up. But we need to keep fighting if we need to maintain a true and clean conscience.

  3. Hahaha, very funny and also a nice post, we are twins here o, my kids are on holiday so the whole place is always scattered now and I don't have any one to help me out either. So babes, any thing I know I can do, I do and if I can't, I will leave it and continue the next day. Thank goodness the washing machine is there as soon we switch on the gen or Nepa gives us power, I quickly wash them and rest.Being a mum is not a joke. Precious darling you are not alone. Kudos to us jare. Lol

  4. This is my sub ehn! I have gradually walked into so many bad habits and laziness is the root cause ooo. This has inspired me. Thank you.