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The first time I came in contact with Cameroonian-born Dr. Ambe was on her pioneer webinar with a focus on “helping parents raise high achievers.” Her eloquence, wisdom and poise are simply outstanding. At the end of her absorbing webinar I was inspired to raise my girls to soar academically.
I began some research on her and discovered that the mother of three who resides in the United States has been featured on prominent American TV channels, including Fox, NBC and CBS. She recently lost her husband but has bounced back, citing God as her source of strength.
The keynote speaker, educator and best-selling author released her third book titled: “Innate Genius: A 31-Day Student Guide To Being More Of Yourself, And Achieve Outstanding Results” this February. I had an interview with her on the new book and things that make her life so charming. I set out to ask two questions but ended up asking three!

Precious Core: What do you want anybody who picks a copy of your new book to achieve after they read it?
First the book is entitled “Innate Genius: A 31-Day Student Guide To Being More of Yourself and Achieve Outstanding Results.” So the book is really about personal success. It is about personal empowerment. It is about a healthy self-image in children. You know, many parents  raise their children in the way that they were raised. If you were raised in a family where you were not encouraged, sadly you are very likely to pass that on to your children. So we see many adults who have been affected by what their parents said to them or didn’t say to them, or by what their parents did to them or didn’t do to them. It is affecting their self-esteem, productivity and their self-image. So what this book is doing is really encouraging people to come back home to themselves. The circumstances of your life have nothing to do with who you are and how capable and effective you are as a person. So the goal is to help each individual to recognise the genius that is within them.

Precious Core: You have three girls, you write, you are an educator and you give talks. How do you handle everything going on in your life at the same time?
For me, life is really a balancing act. Everything in life is important. Your school work is important if you’re a student. Your job is important. Your role as a wife is important. Your role as a friend is important. Your relationship with God is important. As reasonable people we really have to live our lives in a way that balances all of those things effectively. 
What I do is I make a list of five important things I need to do. I do this every single day. Sometimes when I don’t feel like doing five, I’ll do three. I’ll write it down- three most important things to do and I check them off as I go along. But there are some things that I don’t write down that have become a part of my life. For example, I have to pray. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to pray. I have to work out… I have to go out and exercise. I have to eat healthy. So these things are lifestyle things. But in terms of goals I write down what I need to accomplish.
I think a lot of people really underestimate the importance of health in life. If you are not healthy, you are going to get very fuzzy in your thinking. I found out that my eating has been very instrumental in helping me think clearly and giving me the energy to do the things that I need to do. Also be more conscious about what kind of lifestyle you want to live. Do you wanna be a more spiritual person? Do you wanna be a better friend? Do those things. It is a consciousness that you have to take up.
The way I perform at school, they don’t even know I have a side career because I do my job so well. I leave my school job and come to my speaking business and I do the same thing. It’s just doing what you have to do, doing it well and being really focused and not distracted by outside influences.

Precious Core: I know I said two questions but there’s this one thing I really want to ask. You look so young and full of life yet your profile says you taught at the university for many years. I guess you are not a thirty something year old as I thought. So what keeps that glow?

I’ll tell you one thing. I think I know what it is. It could be health, the way that I eat and the way I physically keep myself. It’s a struggle but I always want to keep a certain shape and maybe that makes me look young. But I think the thing that really makes me look young is not my physical look. I think you’ve come to know me and I think that’s what you see. You see what’s inside. I am a very humble person. I can operate with anybody. I can operate with a disabled child and that child will feel we are best friends. I can operate with a third grader. I can operate with President Obama at his level. I can operate with anybody and adjust to that level. I think that’s what everyone sees- the ability to just let your guards down. I know many big things, how to strategise but when I hang out with my friends I just let my guards down and I’m like one of them. You know what I mean, I’m really down to earth. I think that’s good to just let your guards down, be humble and very unassuming. And prayers too… you can’t be boasting because you know God is above you. Just being close to God makes your own humanity nothing. 
Get Dr. Ambe’s new book from kindle for only $ 0.99 HERE
Buy her bestseller: Above & Beyond
Buy her pioneer book: A Teacher’s Notes
Photos of interviewee are from Dr. Ambe’s Facebook page

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  1. Waoh waoh! She's really inspiring especially when she talks of living life in a balanced way (home, kids, work, spiritual growth, physical keep fit etc). You just learn u really can do all things.
    Thanks Pre for this one.
    Meylam Dibaka

  2. Very inspiring. This lady rite here is my idol. She is all forms of motivation and inspiration for me. Thanks bouncing back with such strength Aunty Nic. Precious good job my dear.

  3. Very inspiring lady. Thanks for the interview and feed back. Above and Beyond is a very very great book. Was fortunate to win it as a freebee on IREPCAMER anniversary gift Thanks again. More Manyanga to your finger tips Dr. Great piece.