Why you should never waste your pain. May your greatest ministry be born out of your greatest suffering. Monday motivation on Precious Core.


Many months ago I watched an episode of a show called “Shark Tank” in which people present their businesses to business tycoons (otherwise known as “sharks”) The “sharks” then choose to go into business partnerships with the businesses that they deem most profitable.

But this particular episode I watched wasn’t one in which people were merely presenting their ideas. It was a look into the business of a former contestant on the show. By getting into a business partnership with one of the sharks, she had built a very successful socks company. Yes, socks company.

What moved me most was her story. She said she started kneading socks while she was stuck on a hospital bed. In that period, she lost her baby and was going through a lot of pain. Then she started kneading socks while in that hospital bed.

It was from that painful experience that her socks company was born. While she was interviewed, she said these words, “never waste your pain”. These words have stuck with me from the time I heard them.

She didn’t waste the pain of being confined to a hospital bed and loosing a child. She started doing something creative – kneading socks. From her creativity came a company and she eventually used the proceeds of that company to support children in need.

Yes, never waste your pain. You see that situation that makes you cry at night? That thing that makes you toss and turn and breaks your heart into a million pieces – don’t waste it, my friend. Let that situation spur you into starting something new, something different. It might be a new hobby, a new company or a new way to show love to mankind. But don’t waste that pain.

Because your greatest ministry will be born out of your greatest suffering.

For any trouble life gives you, respond radically with something positive. When life gives you cause to worry, worship God radically instead.

Trust me, this works. So instead of wallowing in pity or sadness or any negative feeling, seek ways on how to use that situation for the better. As cliche as it may sound, I’ll quote this: “Turn your worry into worship and watch God turn your mess into miracles.”

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” Romans 8:28 (NLT)pre-signature-pro


  1. Wow…am.inspired! God bless you Madam Precious!

  2. Amen is all i have to add or say 🙏

  3. “When life gives you lemons, make lemomade”

  4. Namondo Ewane epse Ekonde

    On point my dear! I have similar story. I am into beading today (though on very small scale) as a solution for pain when my little niece was kidnapped since 2013. I wanted to be distracted to the fullest.

  5. Inspiring.

  6. word @your greatest ministry will be born out of your greatest suffering. Precious, if I didn’t pick any other thing, I have picked this word. I will remember this every where I go. thank you for motivating me. my regards.


  7. Thank you, Precious!

  8. This is wonderful to read.
    “Turn your worry into worship and watch God turn your mess into miracles.”
    A great reminder not to worry on a personal basis.

  9. Precious,

    I find that this subject of harnessing your pain is very profound. The biggest innovations do come from our darkest moments. May we have the courage to see endless possibilities in moments of pain.


  10. There can be no Easter without Good Friday.
    Thank you so much for the reminder.
    May God Bless you

  11. Thank you so much for the inspiration.
    Live long and prosper.

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