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I went back to my room that day and cried. That drama, played right before my eyes spoke to my very soul. The drama x-rayed the end of two lives. One person died and went to heaven while the other died and went to hell. While I knew heaven and hell were real, the drama made these eternal realities even more real to me.

I began to question myself. If I died on that day, where was I to go to? I knew the answer and it wasn’t heaven. I knew I wasn’t going to be with Jesus if I lost my breath.

But what made me cry the most was my neighbors. You see, two of my neighbors were a part of the campus fellowship that acted the drama before me. And we were quite cordial. Why hadn’t they told me about their relationship with Jesus? I don’t know if it was that time of the month or what but for some reason, this made me cry hard.

So the next time I went to the campus fellowship, I laid my life all down before God. I was resolute to begin a life of walking with God. I had always been open to the idea of God but I just hadn’t committed my life yet to Him. So on this day, I fully decided, fully committed and fully surrendered my all to Jesus.

When a call was made for those who wanted to offer their lives to Jesus. I walked out to the front of the gathering. And we were led to say a prayer surrendering it all to Him.

At that moment, I knew God was with me. I just knew He was right there, changing my life, making me new. As I prayed to Him, I was assured of my new life in Christ.

That was fourteen years ago.

And now, I look back and I say, wow! 14 years a Christian.

14 years of letting the Bible be my final authority. 14 years of rising, falling, rising again. Fourteen years of trying not to yield to temptation; sometimes yielding, sometimes conquering. 14 years of sharing my faith with others. 14 years of becoming the woman God wants me to be.

14 years of immense learning, growth, and maturity. 14 years of joy, pure joy that only God can give: waddling off the sadness into God-given joy. 14 years of learning to cast all my worries to the Lord for He cares for me. 14 years!

14 years of being a new person. Because Christ in me, made me new. 14 years of my life taking a completely different path that it should have taken if I haven’t met Christ.

I am thankful for the 14 years I have known Christ. My hope is to live forever with Him. With all the craziness happening in the world, Jesus is my anchor, Wih all the things that could steal away my peace, I still manage to find the peace that surpasses every human wisdom and understanding. It’s all in Him.

Do you have a salvation story? What’s the story of your walk with God? Please share.

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  1. I’ve been christian for 9 year now, but i really started my relationship with God last year.
    The other 8 year, i was just praticing religion, and i was drawn away from God for 2 or 3 years, living a weird life.
    But thanks God, i saw the light, the truth, the reality about christianity.
    Now i’m just trying to include more God in my life, to be the one he want me to be.

    Thanks for your post, it great to read people life with God. Also i love your blog. And i love how you just share everything with us ! May God bless you more (cause He is already doing it)

    1. Thank you so much, Olivia! Living for God is the best path any person can ever take. My prayer is that God will continue to strengthen you in your journey with Him. God bless you.