God is Faithful…

I can not count the number of times God has gone ahead of me to make crooked paths straight (Isaiah 45:2). If I fail to trust in Him, then that is a big failure on my path. He is never late, He is never early, He is always on time.

The Bible says He knows what we need before we even ask of Him (Matthew 6:8). And it also says if earthly parents know how to give good gifts to their children, what more of our Father in Heaven?

Over the years, I have come to understand that God loves me so much. He wants the best for me more than I even want for myself. He just wants me to reach out to Him and put my trust in Him.

I took a moment to look back and I realised that He has provided for me ALL I ever needed. He has used different means but He has been very present.

Sometimes, He even uses dreams to talk to me about situations just like he did to Joseph (husband of Mary). Hey I just discovered that the two Josephs in the Bible had remarkable dreams. Could the name Joseph have something to do with dreams? Oh well… story for another day.

Scriptures say, if we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will grant us the desire of our hearts. That’s because when you delight in the Lord, your desires get aligned to His will. So He grants them!

What is that thing that you really desire? What do you want to achieve? What habit do you want to drop. What do you want to add to your daily routine? What? What?? What???

God is FAITHFUL. So faithful! He cannot fail. Permit me to say, it is not in His DNA. So stop worrying and cast your cares upon Him. His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

Tell Him about everything, Have a heart to heart conversation with Him as you would with a friend. And He will vindicate you. He is faithful. Yes He is!pre-signature-pro


  1. OUR GOD Is indeed Faithful

  2. For real God is more than Faithful.

  3. For real God is more than Faithful.

  4. God is indeed faithful, and he is the God of surprises. He has done much more to me than I can tell.

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