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I will be hosting a traditional meeting in my house on Saturday. I made the mistake of my life by telling the girls about the meeting. These days, one of the first things they ask me when they wake up in the morning is “is the meeting today???” They have been so eager about that meeting and I feel like punching myself in the head for telling them about the meeting days before. That’s not the way to survive as a mom. Here it is:

Never ever tell your kids you will be going somewhere or you will be having a party or hosting a meeting. Ever! Your ears will not rest until that day comes.
Eat chocolate in the bathroom or in your bedroom far away from the kiddos.
Keep their snacks and cups at arm’s length. That saves the stress of going to get it for them every time they need to chew or drink.
Have a “thing” you do together after work. My girls and I place our palms on each others’ and raise them up shouting “team!!!! work!!!” after working together. It’s fun to them and they actually look forward to doing work with me because of the “team work thing”.

Order out. Even for someone who is often cooking like me, on some days cooking just won’t be happening and there are no leftovers either. Place an order for food and don’t be guilty about it.

Tell them stories about when you were little. My girls can listen to my stories as a little girl FOREVER. I’m running out of stories to tell them. I need to call my mama for inspiration.
Stay on your knees. One of the best gifts you can ever give your kids is to pray consistently for them and put their lives in God’s hands.

Laugh often. Don’t be that mom who is always angry and swearing. Laugh and totally enjoy your time with the little creatures. They won’t be little forever.
Say you are sorry. It could be hard for you, a mom to tell your kid you are sorry. But if you wrong them, be humble enough to admit it. It is an awesome example to set.
Take some time off. Go shopping alone, hang out with friends or have a mom’s night out.

Read to them every day. Whether it is a short story or a long one. Keep reading to them so their interest in books is aroused. People who read a lot grow to be very knowledgeable.
Don’t throw away cartons and product packages. Let them play with them for a while before you trash them. They could drive in big cartons pretending they are cars. My girls do this all the time. I make puzzles out of cereal boxes and ask them to fit the puzzle.

This last one is at your own risk oo. Let them play outside when it rains. Tada, bath time is done!

Please, how do I untell my kids about Saturday’s meeting without lying? This is a real question.

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  1. Hi Precious, concerning the Saturday meeting….you made your mistake but the good thing is children easily move on. Hopefully they will come around and gear their attention towards other things….Playing with cartoons for a while sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing. Stay blessed.

  2. This last one is at your own risk oo. Let them play outside when it rains. Tada, bath time is done!
    This was funny! Aww so lovely, you make it so beautiful and easy being a mum. I’ve gleaned so much from this. Thanks for sharing Precious! Hope the meeting went well..xx!

  3. Lol. I will keep these lessons locked up in my heart till they come. . . Thanks blog-mum!

    About untelling, the deed has been done. It’s this Saturday, right? Few more hours to go and you can have your peace. 🙂

  4. My dear, for the Saturday meting, you ve spilled already, you can’t undo it. I dare not tell my girls we going somewhere or somebody is visiting either, it’s question upon question.
    After a job well done, I usually tell them ‘my baby is’ and they respond with ‘GREAT’ and we do hifive, it’s always fun.
    Leave carton in the house? Mba! Cockroach shall have no abode in my house.
    Raising children is quite stressful but I won’t trade the experience for something else, God bless our children and make them good vessels unto Him alone. Amen

    1. Amen!
      Lol I don’t live the cartons home for long. As soon as they are done playing I throw them away. I love the “my baby is” thing.
      Thanks Bola! It’s always a pleasure reading from you.