These days, I’m totally enjoying starting “Here’s What’s Up” with a random pic of some meal I made within the week. Because there’s almost always something happening in my kitchen. The picture above is that of some heavenly banana waffles and berry jam. If you follow me on Instagram, you must have viewed the pic already. But friends, let’s get to why we are here. Today is my birthday!

This means I have spent 29 years on this earth! I’m so grateful to God for all He has been to me. He has been my faithful friend and father. He has opened doors for me to walk through. His presence in my life just beautifies my life like nothing else could. I am also grateful for this little blog of mine and for all of you who visit it. Thank you so much for giving me a reason to write.

I really wanted to do a photoshoot this day as in, pose and take pictures but I haven’t been able to get to it well because… life! Hopefully, I’ll do that within the week so I can remember how I looked like at this stage in the latter years.

Like I told you last week, I went for Mom’s Night Out on Friday. Whoop! I whipped out my phone to take some pictures for you.


Mom’s Night Out is part of a conference for moms called “Hearts at Home”, which I attended last year. How awesome can it be, attending a conference that speaks to your heart as a mother? I learned so much last year! This year, I could only make it to the first part, “Mom’s Night Out”, which is a fun night for moms.


That’s me after the program. It was a lot of fun! One dude called Daren Streblow made us laugh till we almost peed our pants.


There were about two thousand moms in attendance. I went together with a friend to the location which was about an hour drive away from home. I left the girls with Mr N so he could babysit them and he did a fine job at that. Body nobi fayawood. Ha.

Matthew 14:13 was the scripture of the day:

As soon as Jesus heard the news, he left in a boat to a remote area to be alone. But the crowds heard where he was headed and followed on foot from many towns.

Now let’s bring this home to moms:

The mother went to the bathroom to be alone. But the little people looked for her and found her.

If you are a mother reading this, raise your hands if you can relate. Ahhh so much truth in there! The whole crowd was laughing at the mention of this scripture. So many moms could understand because it’s one of the crazy things every mom has experienced at some point. One thing I really love about this program is the inspirational notes plastered all over the building. I captured one of them while walking through the crowd.


You can see the ones from last year here.

In church on Sunday, we learned about “Failing Forward”. We were taught that failing is part of life but you can choose to fail backward by not taking responsibility for your actions. Or you can choose to fail forward by accepting where you went wrong and making positive changes. May you fail forward this week!

Love ya!pre-signature-pro


  1. Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurray!! Happy birthday Precious, may your years be filled with joy and laughter, The Lord will perfect all that concerns you and you will forever be used for His glory in Jesus’ name. Amen.
    Where da parry at? Send bus to come pick me o

    • Amen and amen!!
      The party is in my kitchen. Sending a virtual bus to come pick you up.
      You are ever so kind and supportive. Thanks darling!


    Happy birthday love. May this new year usher you into a greater realm of glory.

  3. Aww Happy Birthday. Hope you had fun! And send my caaaakeeee?
    6 Life Lessons From My Pancake Fails

  4. Happy Birthday Dear Precious. You have been a big influence to me even though i’m yet to be married.. The world is lucky to have you, your family is blessed to have you..
    With love from Nigeria….

  5. Presh!!!! Happy Birthday. God bless you abundantly and I’m so glad I met you via blogging. Many many more amazing years ahead.
    I’m also hoping I can do a photoshoot next month when I turn 28! Whoop! Really hope it happens. Your Kid’s First Birthday – Large Party or Not?

    • Thanks Kachee!!! So glad I met you too. We are almost birthday month buddies. Hope you do that photoshoot. I should do mine before the week runs out.

  6. Happy Birthday! You are an amazing being. May God surpass your dreams. Love you.

  7. Happy birthday dear, may God keep on lifting you from one level of glory to another! Where is the party please? Enjoy sis

  8. Happy Birthday dearie!!! I’m glad you had a bunch of fun!

    And I’m almost looking forward to the kiddies coming to look for me in the bathroom… ALMOST!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  9. Happy Birthday dear. Keep growing, learning and sharing.

    John C Maxwell wrote a book I read years back titled “Failing Forward”.

  10. Happy birthday darling Precious. Your nurturing personality always shines through. God bless and keep you. Wishing you many happy returns, boo.
    I totally need a night out like this. And gademmit, those waffles gat me drooling. Your food presentation is chef standard. Mwaaaaaahhh

  11. Thank goodness you didn’t laugh so hard so you didn’t pee in your pants…lool…

    Hey birthday girl. You are an inspiration to me as a blogger and I appreciate you. Wishing you the best of everything and may your home always be filled with Gid’s laigher, joy, health, great results in all your household does, good health and every thing good…

  12. Happy belated birthday Precious! May the good Lord continue to bless and keep you.

    Evita In Progress

  13. happy birthday may God bless and increase you.

  14. Being a mom myself, I can totally relate to this. I enjoyed this post Precious, really nice. BTW, HBD girl. (In arrears) lol

  15. Wow happy birthday in arrears sweetheart. Like wheat that ripens at harvest time, you will live to a ripe old age. Enjoy your new age.

    My new look

  16. Na so you still yong 🙂
    Keep aging gracefully dearest.
    Glad you had a night out with some fun. Body truly nobi fayawood.

  17. Awww, Happy belated birthday Precious. I hope it’s not to late to say so. I wish you long life, prosperity and lots of goodies from God’s kingdom in life. May all that you lay your hands upon prosper and may you live to fulfill God’s will for your life. God bless your new age and all that’s yours. I’m so glad you had fun! Hip Hip Hip! Hurray! Age with grace dearie!

  18. Happy birthday! Glad you had a fun time. May God grant your hearts desires and lift you higher in the new year. xx

  19. Happy Birthday dearie.
    Wishing you more and more and more of everything you want more of.
    I hope you had fun .
    Congrats on adding a year.
    Next year by Gods grace, you will be on even higher levels. As in levels go don change .lol..

  20. Happy belated birthday, Precious! I discovered your blog from Kachee’s comments. We’re both October babies, I will be turning 22 on Monday 24th. Love how laid back this post is, I still don’t know what to write on Monday.

    • Thanks dear and nice to have you here!!
      Hope you find the right words and push through with your writing. Happy birthday in advance!

  21. Happy birthday.
    So sorry it came late.
    We are October babies! Lol
    Libra rocks!

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