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1. Praise and Worship…

… and the commands the praise/worship leaders give us. A young girl who normally respects you so much, becomes the boss of everyone in church once she is on stage. This girl will command her seniors anyhow, 

“If you love Jesus, put your hands on your head!
If you love Jesus, put your hands on your shoulder!
If you love Jesus, put your hands on your waist!
Now get ready!
On descends, on descends, on descends, on descends
Remonte! Remonte! Remonte! Remonte!”

2. Bargaining in the Market

… and the insults that sometimes follow. You see, in Amelika, you go to the store to buy a dress and the price tag reads, $30. You pick the dress, pay $30 and off you go. Finish. Life continues. In pays eh… You go to the store, pick a dress, and start a quarrel. 
You: “Di close na ha mush?”
Seller: “Fifteen tasand”
You: “Mamamiye! How e deer so?”
S: “E no deer. Na better close dis for fyn geh like you.”
Y: “I get na 5 tasand ya.”
S: “You di look de close fine? Okay, make we no ova talk, gimme thirteen tasand.”
Y: “Nooo! I get na six tasand.”
S: “See e mop like six tasand! Ah pick de close na pick am?”

3. Mami Koki…

… and the goodies from her kitchen. The unbeatable smell of Mami Koki’s Koki when you unravel it from the plantain/banana leaves it was wrapped in… *hot tears* Then the unevenly coloured bananas that you eat with the Koki… and the fact that you didn’t have to spend a fortune to buy it.

4. Family…

… and friends. There’s nothing like being cut off from the people closest to you. I miss my Dad, Mom, siblings, in-laws, aunties, uncles, cousins, friends, etc. I want to see them.

5. Real Visits and Conversations

… and not having to hurry away from them. I miss having a friend come over and you talk about anything and everything. I miss those warm connections.

6. Contri Fowl…

… with enough body odour. The contri fowl that tours the neighbourhood and goes back home at night is the best when cooked. The flavour is out of this world.

7. Taxi Drama…

… unending drama. Drama when you get into the back seat of a taxi and the three endowed ladies sitting there have occupied it and are hesitant to shift to create space for you. It’s not like their shifting will make a difference anyway. So you “sit” in suspense until you get to your destination.

8. Okada…

… and the sweet breeze that follows. I’m I the only one who enjoys the air that that blesses me when I’m on an Okada on a hot day? I’m sure I’m not alone.

9. Nature…

I love the touch of nature back home. I love seeing the actual trees fruits come from and sometimes plucking those fruits to eat directly from the tree. I love trekking long distances. I love being in constant touch with plants, earth and animals (domestic, friendly and ones only!). Now I miss all of that.
Sometimes I wish I could just find myself in Cameroon in the split of a second. Home sweet home.
What do you love best about your home country? Let’s talk.

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  1. Hahahahahahaha whey Precious. That bargaining na die!
    It has its woes,it has its frustrations yet,no place like home.
    Fun and witty as always. Love it.

  2. Awwww such memories. Using taxi money to buy snails and then trek from Buea road to kumba town lol. I love your writings my dear. You just used a few words to bring Cameroon to life. I miss everything about home. Trust me those of you back home can't understand. Home is home.

  3. Looooool.
    Especially 7 and 8.
    7.Can't count the number of times I have used half of my bum to sit on this so called taxis and buses.
    8. Lol at breeze in a hot day. Though on a cold day na the opposite. So funny.
    Number 4 is peharps the one that will get to me the most. All the rest I can manage but number 4 will be hard.

  4. These taxis can buses eh… life can can be squeezed out of you in these vehicles. Family is so important. How I miss them!