I did not wake up this morning planning to pen down a recipe. But after making this quick early morning craving, I thought I should share with someone. Who says a one pot rice dish always has to start with raw rice? You can make it with cooked rice and it will taste even better because the flavours won’t be overcooked. That’s how I make my Jollof Rice.
This morning I had a pot of boiled rice that looked like it had no future. Then once again I had a culinary vision. I hopped into my kitchen and made me some Njanga Rice. “Njanga” is the local name for crayfish in Cameroon. It looks like mini shrimps and the taste is outta this world. Combine it with palm oil, chili pepper, crayfish seasoning cube and rice and your taste buds will be zengeing for Jesus.


Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 30 mins
Total time: 35 mins

Here is what you need for this quick, simple and yummilicious dish.

4 cups of boiled rice
2 medium tomatoes
1 medium onion
1/2 cup of palm oil
1 crayfish seasoning cube (maggi crevette)
2 Chili peppers (or 1 habanero pepper)
1 stem green onion
I finely chopped garlic clove
1/4 cup crayfish

Chop onions, tomatoes, chili peppers, green onion and set aside.

Put your palm oil in a clean pot and allow to heat up. Add in chopped onions and fry for a while. Add in chopped tomatoes and fry until acidity is much reduced.

Add in your crayfish, garlic, chili pepper and green onion. Adding crayfish and garlic to hot oil like this unleashes a very lovely flavour.

Put in your boiled rice and mix well.

That’s it! That’s really it!

If you have some avocado, cut it and enjoy with your Njanga rice.

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  1. Not fair Precious Hungry! Yummy.

  2. Thanks dearie. No worry we go fix am

  3. My precious Precious, u make reading so much fun. U were born to write and girl u do just that. I was not a fan of njanga rice because I have allergy to some sea food, but u make me want to eat some njanga rice and damn the consequence. I love every post u write. U are a natural and I just love u. I am sorry I don't always leave comments but I will make a conscious effort. Keep it up girl and stay blessed

  4. Angele, I've been looking for you ever since you dropped your first comment! Glad to know that you have been around and reading. Thank you so much for your very encouraging words. I am spurred to write more and more. Hopefully you get to comment more. Thanks dearie!

  5. I'm sure it was tasty! Nice one.


  6. Thanks Eya!!! I'm so honoured to have you comment on my blog. Thank you so much and God bless.

  7. My precious Precious, u make reading so much fun. I was never a njanga rice fan because I had a bad experience with njanga.but u make me want to cook it now. U are so real, a natural blogger. I enjoy your blog so much eventhough I don't leave comments most often.

  8. claudine efenge

    hi hi, you make one feel like we have been friends, chai thumbs up girl

  9. Awwww so sweet to hear! I'm happy to meet you and hope to see more of you, here.

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