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Last week, I was at a friends house and while we were having a chit-chat in the kitchen, there was another visitor in the living room playing all sorts of music from “shake ya bum bum” to “coller la petite”. I got so uncomfortable because 1.) Most of the music was sexually explicit and 2.) My kids and my friend’s kid were running around, catching glimpses of this evil music.

At some point, I could not take it anymore so I spoke to the visitor,

“Is that music good for children?”

Trying not to directly accuse him of playing what wasn’t appropriate at the moment. He went ahead to tell me that the kids weren’t even paying attention to the music videos that also contained scantily clad women. I was livid but since it’s not my home I couldn’t stop him so I called my kids to join me in the kitchen.

See. I love good music. But what’s with the music that is overwhelmingly laced with sexually suggestively dressed women and vulgar lyrics? Why is our world so filled with hit songs that clearly glorify sexual immorality and instigate all sorts of misdoings?

How does a grown man sit before kids and play videos that have women with parts of their body that should be hidden, oozing out?

How do people sing, dance and shake their heads in approval to songs that are embarrassingly unapologetically sexually raw? What are we turning our world into?

So, when you play all these songs before kids and they try to mimic what they see in the videos eventually, why do you complain? Kids copy what is before them.

If you are really interested in building a better world, vulgar music should not be your thing. Not when you are alone. Not before kids. It doesn’t matter if the beats are so good. If it doesn’t inspire you to do the right thing, it is not right.

That said, I still love good music. But I choose not to listen to or watch any song I wouldn’t pay attention to if Jesus were by me physically.

If it doesn't inspire you to do the right thing, it is not right.

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  1. Babe! Infact I know how you feel and I’m just tired. Even here in Nigeria we have it bad and those are the songs that get liked the most coupled with loads of comments. I used to be surprised at one point but it’s like asking a dog not to bark. It’s the world we live in. The nature of a sinful man is to sin.
    The bible tells us the world lies under the sway of the wicked one and so it’s not a surprise that they’re only doing what the prince of this world has influenced. Our own is to abide in Christ and protect our loved ones from darkness perverting the world. Also, we are the lights in the darkness and this is when to shine our lights more in a world that is at the brink of destruction.
    Thanks for sharing this timely message. We pray more light is shed on our daily walk with the lord in Jesus name. Amen

    1. “Our own is to abide in Christ and protect our loved ones from darkness perverting the world.” Thank you, dear!

  2. You are very right my dear..we christians are mixing up too much. Our etc?? I love your conclusion. Please let’s do everything as if Jesus is sitting with us..actually He lives in us. So we must glorify him at all times. Please help me share ur thoughts on christians clubbing and dressing especially gets to me. God help us live for Him. Stay blessed. Guess what I learnt from you youtube channel..I can mix my puff puff and put in a pre heated worked. Keep up. Thumbs up ??

    1. Awww Yvonne, your comment melts my heart. So glad to hear of the Puff Puff!
      About clubbing for Christians, you are either a believer or you are not. When you try to add worldly ways to your life as a Christian, it just doesn’t work. The Bible says we shouldn’t conform to the world. May God help us live right.
      Thanks for dropping a comment, dear!

  3. Good music is good for the soul. My children are also music lovers but I screen what they listen to and watch.
    I ensured their school isn’t the type that plays vulgar songs during their parties before I enrolled them there, cos if you see the way some children sing and dance at parties, you go shock!
    May God help us not to be worldly, though we are in the world.

    1. Amen! Music is good for the soul but some eh. You made a good choice for your kids. May God help us to be holy in a sinful world.

    2. This second paragraph is exactly what I wanted to say. School parties are a wonder to behold. Kids shaking it and grooving, twisting and whining waist to sexually explicit music. It’s just uncomfortable to watch.
      Then they repeat lyrics of what they don’t exactly understand.

  4. You hit the nail on the head with this one Pre! I have had countless debates and fights with myself on this with regards to the right upbeat song to workout to.

    1. Glad this hit home for you, hun! We literally have to sieve good music from bad music in today’s world.