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I looked on with disdain as the pot-bellied figure perambulated his selling kiosk and uttered profanities:
“Woman na notin! Even boy pikin way dem born am today pass woman. Woman na weti?”
(A woman is nothing. Even a baby boy born today is more important than a woman. What is woman?)


From that day till today, the words of this trader I overheard in a market place have stuck with me. And that’s not because I have allowed the words to define me but because I know these words mirror the belief of a significant amount of men. It is unfortunate.


Even more unfortunate is the fact that many women allow these words define them. So instead of going through life with their heads held high, they exist with their heads bowed, hiding under the shadows of men, seeking male approval and sinking like an overladen ship when that approval doesn’t come forth.


Is this God’s plan for the woman?


Throughout the Bible, we see women like Esther, Ruth and Deborah who are very influential. In fact, it is hard to pinpoint a significant Biblical happening without the active participation of a woman. How then could someone who is “nothing” be so important.


Dear woman, never consider yourself a “mere woman”, “only a woman” or someone who doesn’t have much to offer. After God made the man, he formed the woman and brought her to him because the man NEEDED her. (Genesis 2: 22)


You are needed in this world. You have the special skill of turning raw materials into something significant. I have heard someone say, you give a woman a house and she makes it a home. You give her raw food and she gives you a meal. You give her sperm, she gives you babies. How profound!


However, for a woman to reach her full potential, she doesn’t have to be chained by herself or by the world around her. How can a caged bird fly?
Happy International Women’s Day 2018!

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  1. Congratulations! ya Precious thanks for your post, you’re real a woman but I’m not a part of women
    and they are playing very important roles today than men

  2. This is beautiful. I love your mindset Sister Precious and I believe women are taking their place in a brand new style. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, great write up. I have a similar write up on a woman as well, just stumbled on this. Didn’t know u had something like this. Thanks, this will help me edit mine faster and post. You inspire.
    I am a woman and I am not worthless.