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Since the last time I wrote about 10 crazy things every mother has done, I realised there are a lot more crazy things every mother has done at some point. I am so guilty of all of them. Here we go:

1. Not looked forward to wake up time. Sometimes I wish my girls would sleep for a looooooong time before they wake up. Once they are up, I am like, “it begins!”

2. Changed quickly from talking at the top of your voice to talking nice on the phone. You know that moment when you are frustrated at the kiddos and you are talking so loud then your phone rings… The loud voice suddenly becomes a soft pleasant voice to the person at the other end of the phone: “Hello, Oli…”

3. Tried to sleep when kids were all around you. Seriously sometimes we just need some more sleep! When I try this eh, my kids especially my toddler try to make me wake up at all costs. She does all from pulling my hair to pushing me with her tiny feet. In the end, I am like, “I give up!”

4. Slept in a weird place. Like on the couch or maybe even dozed off on the kitchen table. Ha. I used to get mad at my mom for sleeping on the couch in those days. Now I understand.

5. Acted like a kid yourself. Sometimes to win the kids, you have to be a kid. I have done all from acting out stories from the story book to laughing at jokes that are not funny. My 6 year old gets mad when she tells me a “joke” and I do not laugh. What’s funny about “Simon says sweep the floor?” But you gotta laugh!

6. Resisted going out because of the trouble involved. When I think of going out, I think of dressing up three girls with the possibility of changing a diaper in the process. I think of making sure everyone has matching socks (because finding a complete pair of socks is a cause to celebrate these days.) I think of making sure there are enough snacks in my bag. I think of blah blah blah! And sometimes, if it’s not a super important trip, I’ll rather stay home than embark on another going-out project.

7. Forced the kids to stand so you could take a picture. Why are kids always running away when you want to photograph them? In the picture at the beginning of this post, we were trying to take a picture. My toddler kept escaping from the frame. I was probably trying to catch her while her sisters were “busy”. That’s why she’s not pictured. At the end of that day, which was Easter Sunday, we didn’t get a good picture with all 3 girls in it. We tried.

crazy things about motherhood - being mother

8. Escaped from the kids. I literally ran away from my toddler the other day. I mean I ran as my legs could carry me and locked myself in their bedroom upstairs. She was all over me – climb on me, climb down, pull me, shake me. Warris all dis?

9. Refused to let your kids pee at a public place because it was inconvenient. I’m one guilty mom here. Why do they always want to pee once we enter that grocery store?? Taking three girls at once to a public bathroom isn’t exactly fun. Wait until we get home! I try to make them pee before we get out of the house but for some reason, they always want to pee when they see the restroom sign at a public place.

10. Not celebrated TGIF. Thank God It’s Friday? What is that? I am a mom.

In all these things, I totally enjoy being a mother to my girls. One of my favourite moments is sitting down to have a meal with them or chatting with them and laughing so hard. Happy Mother’s Day week to all moms and moms-yet-to-be out there! May you cherish every moment with your kids and the kids in your life!

Any other crazy things mothers do? Feel free to share below!

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  1. wey Pre. .i relate to all. Chai motherhood!!! Number 2, my kids said the other day to me that i was yelling and when my husband called i was “talking soft and mushy mushy” lol
    number 4…i usually hide in the guest toilet(my sanctuary), no one expects me to be there. i sit on the toilet seat and just snooze…oh la la ..heavenly.
    I could go on and on….

    1. Hahahaha! I like the snoozing in the guest toilet part. We need those little sneak-aways to recuperate. Ahhh mommy life!

  2. Ahhh I keep wondering the same also? Why do they keep running from picture especially the boys but after a few years the girls are already making poses and want to take pictures. Motherhood is fun but stressful. Not a mother yet though! But i have had the privileged of baby sitting many children. And I also teach in the children department in church.

    Very interesting post. I’m certainly looking forward to being an amazing mum God willing.

    Tega Enai Fashion & Lifestyle Blog
    Help!!! Why can’t I be consistent & get stuff done? | Would you love to be a part of the Consistency Challenge?

  3. LOL @ running away and escaping, my mum still does that sometimes. She goes away for retreats, I think that is actually very helpful for a persons sanity. Great post, funny too

    yoruba angels

  4. A mom’s job never really ends.
    It’s for a life time. They are the real MVP’s.
    Unconditional love; double check! !!
    Jack of all trades; master of all…triple check.
    Mothers are bae.
    Happy mother’s day to all mum’s and to you too, Ma’am Precious.

  5. Lol. Quite an interesting post. No experience as a mum yet. But one time I was babysitting my little cousin, I realized mothers are the real MVPs. It’s no beans being one.

    You are doing a great job as a mother, precious. Keep going.

  6. I must say that what I have learnt from this post is that motherhood teaches Patience and unconditional love among other values. until when my kids start coming from heaven, well done Ma’am. please say hi to your amazing girls for me. Happy Mother’s Day ma’am.


  7. You are a darling, shai DT number five ehnn its so on point. U just have to laugh whether funny or not. We shall all eat d fruits of our labors on them in Jesus name Amen

  8. My oh my, mama Precious! U got it all summed up there. How about that day when you just want to rush up into your room and cry like one of them? When you can’t settle all the my-toy disputes, or get the house all cleaned up and shiny before those your long awaited guests finally ring the doorbell because the kids are in a good mood and yanking off all the chair covers and pillows to the floor. Or when you just want to go to sleep with all of them near you, but you technically can’t? Wow! Mummy Precious. The list is inexhaustible I guess. Being a mom is one huge full-time job, with so many benefits. The i miss you’s and i love you-s you get when you are away from them for a split second are invaluable, especially on that once-in-a-while date night! Happy Mother’s Day to you Mummy Precious and all the lovely mothers through birth or title. We mothers are indeed made of MORE.

    1. Oh, been there done that! Sometimes the tears come. But there are more tears than cheers.
      Thanks so much for these beautiful words, Maureen!