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Hello lovelies! First off, let me apologise for not putting up a “pen-speaking” post yesterday. I should have but.. life! Thank God, here I am once again armed to continue with our minimalism series. This week is kind of a tricky one because I am minimising something I almost consider unimportant – waste.

Let me explain: I wouldn’t consider myself much of a waster because I’m that person who tries to use up everything I have. I would eat up food I don’t like in a restaurant because I don’t want to waste the money used in purchasing that food. I would desist from cooking a new meal so we can finish up leftovers. I would desist from buying more food to add to a full freezer and pantry. I believe there should be space in them before more food comes in. So I try to use up whatever I have.

But still… I waste some things. Like empty cans and bottles that should be recycled. I dump them with regular trash. My daughter has been haunting me, asking me that we put them in  a seperate bag for recycling. My excuse is always: “But we don’t have a trash can for recycling.” That is changing.

I want to be able to take care of the planet right because it matters. I am not an environmental scientist but after hearing many ‘sermons’ about the importance of taking care of your environment, I am finally indulging. Finally!

So here are three ways I am minimising waste:

1. Recycling all the recylables.

You already read that above but let me just say it again. I am taking that plunge to put recyclables in a seperate bag and dump them in the trash made for recycling. If not for anything, this will make me rest from the guilt-trips my daughters have put me through.

2. Planting a garden.

If you have read this blog for a while, well we all know how my flower garden turned out last year. I still bury my head in shame when I walk past my micro miserable flower pots with with few brown leaves hanging above them. Then I imagine my neighbours gossiping about me and saying things like; “she can’t even keep a garden.” My thoughts could be dramatic like that.

But still, my garden story has to change. I must plant and see flowers bloom and harvest this year. My seeds will not go to waste like that. No way! Also, I will make a compost bin with my perishable waste from food. This will go on my little cute garden in my backyard where tomatoes and green onions will blossom. Dreams, oh dreams!

3. Shop at Second-Hand Stores

Oh man, this is already my thing! I love thrift shopping. It saves TONS of money and there are lots of treasures at thrift stores. Here are things I get at thrift stores:

-Kid’s clothing – Kids outgrow their clothes so fast so it is totally pointless buying new all the time when I could do thrift shopping and still get good looking clothes. Note that I only pick clothes that are absolutely in good shape.

-My clothing. I save tons of money by shopping at thrift stores for myself. I buy brand new once in a while but thrift-shopping is my go-to.

-Kitchen stuff, especially food photography props. Since I decluttered my kitchen, I am careful not to buy anything I do not need. But when I really need something, I will ransack the kitchen section of a grocery store first. If I do not find it there then I could buy new.

That’s it, friends. Less-waste equals a more responsible life. I am so looking forward to my garden growing in the summer so I can take pics and show off here. Ha.

Next Tuesday will be all about stress – how I am letting go of stress. Hope to see you there.

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  1. wow, i have learned how to minimise waist. thanks Precious.
    looking forward on how to relief stress. i really need that

  2. About your thoughts being dramatic, loool

    mine too!

    i enjoyed this post and will be back for the stress post because i need that in my life

  3. My dear Precious, it’s such a relief that you are sincere to share with us that you thrift. As for your flower garden, please don’t forget to share the pictures and the progress with us on the blog.

    1. Aww thanks for your kind words.
      I won’t hesitate to share pictures of my garden. Hope you are good, dear.

  4. Love the garden idea…looking forward to such post. Am so not the gardening type..lol maybe l learn a thing or two.enjoy your weekend.

    1. Me too, Destiny. I used to follow my grandma to the farm but I was only assisting her. Still trying to understand how to initiate and take care of a garden until harvest. Fingers crossed.

  5. This is very important. I really hate wasting food and it gets me so upset. Another way i reduce waste is by giving out clothes, shoes, bags to people in need. Some of these things go just they collect dust for wardrobe.

    Nelos Halo Blog: 4 Ways Women can be Bold for Change

    1. Long time, Chinelo!
      I agree so much with giving out clothing and accessories. No need keeping what you are not using.

  6. Waste has to be minimized both because of the environment and because some people do not even have food to eat. Lucky, we have a dog so she eats most leftovers. Sometimes though, there’s no leftover and you have to cook her what to eat
    In Africa, we still have a long way to go as per recycling. We just dispose of reusable stuff, bottles and cans, dangerous stuff anywhere, anyhow.

    Message to Seeds and plants in Precious’s garden.
    Hear me well oh, you must grow in that her garden this year. We want recipes with tomatoes and green onions grown in Precious’s garden and beautiful pictures of her plants on her posts. . Amen.
    Precious help me convey my message to those seeds and plants in case they can’t read. ?

    1. Hahaha, I have seriously conveyed the message to the seeds. Girl, you just boosted my faith. Speak to it!