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You read the five types of men single ladies should avoid HERE. Today, let’s talk about five qualities single ladies should look for in a potential husband.

1.) He loves the Lord. Take it from a sister who married an unbeliever who eventually became born-again. She says she knows the difference between a born-again man and an untransformed man. She emphatically advises, “If a man doesn’t have the nature of God, stay away from him.” This is the most important quality and it should top your list.

2.) He has a dream that he is working towards. He is driven, passionate and focused. A man without a vision is going no where. You are meant to be his helpmate. If he has no garden (vision) what will you be helping him achieve? It is very important to marry someone who knows where he is going.

3.) He appreciates your talents. A friend who has the gift of singing and wanted to become an artist told me about her suitor’s views. He kept telling her she will need to drop the music dream when they get married. That could be a red light. If he doesn’t appreciate your dreams, you’re probably not meant to be together. It’s up to you to decide which is more important: dropping the man and following your dreams or marrying the man and forgetting your dreams. Can two walk together unless they agree? -Amos 3:3. A potential spouse should help you explore your potentials and grow.

4.) He is of service to the kingdom. We already saw that he should love the Lord. He should equally be doing something for the kingdom of God (Mathew 6:33). It could be using his time, his talent or even his finances.

5.) He loves people and interacts well with them. He should not be a “I too know” kind of person. He should seek mentorship and counsel. Also. he should show love to his family and puts others before himself.

Note that rich, tall, dark and handsome are not part of that. You could desire those but don’t make them your priority. A man that loves God should be your ideal man. REAL MEN LOVE JESUS.

What kind of husband will you like to marry? How can one spot a good potential husband? Don’t forget to gist me down there! Love ya!

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  1. My sister, 'churchianity' is different from Christianity. Many people go to church but have no relationship with God. What is important is having that connection to God. Thanks for your valued contribution!

  2. Me ah want me na rich, dark, tall and handshome oh! 🙂

    Jokes aside, You brought out some very valid and important points about potential husbands. It is often said, to know how a man is, watch him interact with his family, especially the female members. Does he treat them with love and respect? Or does he see them as his servants out to answer his every whim since he is king of the realm? Those are warning signs you shouldn't ignore.
    Secondly, going to church is one thing. Living out the Christain life is quiet another ball game. Which one is your potential mate into?
    Unless it is an absolute danger, I don't believe in men who are out to suppress instead of motivate me so definitely a no no to a dream crusher!.
    Great piece again my lady.