The Bible is filled with inspiring stories and one of them is the story of Ruth and Boaz. This man and woman are the definition of Mr. and Mrs. Right. Singles, here are things you can learn from them:

Ruth was a loyal woman. See the way she cleaved to Naomi, her mother-in-law and gave us these famous lines: “Your people will be me people, and my God will be your God” (Ruth 1:16). A lot of people are not loyal to their everyday relationships. Some just do not know how to make a relationship work. Ruth was loyal to her mother-in-law even after the death of her husband. She did not pack her things and go. She stayed with her and even chose to follow her to her land. That is loyalty!

Ruth was a very tolerant person. I know this because her mother-in-law was human and like every other human, she was not perfect. Some singles are too sensitive to the faults of others and that is not a good thing. We could point out what is wrong but it becomes a problem when we keep malice over little things. When you learn to live with another human being regardless, then you are ready for marriage.

Again, this woman Ruth was selfless. She chose to follow Naomi to a strange land. She had her own family but she was resolute on accompanying this strange woman. Some people are so focused on themselves that they fail to see and/or meet the needs of others. Selfless love is the example Jesus showed us. We should not only love but love selflessly just like Ruth.

Ruth was a hardworking woman (Ruth 2:2-7). I love this point about her so much. She did not sit down and wish her hunger away. She was not waiting for a phone call that will change her life for good. She went to the field and worked! Boaz first noticed her when she was at work. Being hardworking is a commendable quality in a single woman.

Besides, this lady was obedient. She did not argue or complain when her mother-in-law asked her to go and lie down by Boaz. She had respect for Naomi and obeyed her. Respecting others especially elders is beneficial. An African proverb says, “What an elder sees sitting down, a child will not see even if he climbs the tallest tree.” It is wisdom to obey people with more maturity than us. Some singles are too stubborn, respect no one and they brag about it. That’s not something to be proud about.

Now let’s talk about Boaz, a man worthy of emulation. He had a field of his own which implies that he was hardworking and responsible. Some men are just too lazy and are looking for someone to feed on. If you are a lady, flee from such men. If you are such a man, repent! A man should be able to earn his living. He should be doing something and be consistent in it. Scripture says he who can not provide for his household is worse than an infidel. Earn your bread, brother.

Boaz was not a thrifty person. He was kind enough to ensure that his fields were left with some barley for those in need to harvest. He cared about the less- privileged (Ruth 2:22). A man who doesn’t care about others will not make a good partner. Marriage is all about caring for someone else and attending to their needs.

Again, he was not a womanizer. He was a man of good conduct who knew how to keep his third leg from wandering away. When he met Ruth lying by him, he didn’t jump at her body. He got to know her first before he could get intimate with her. A real man should be interested in knowing a woman’s personality first and not her body.

Both Ruth and Boaz had a past but they did not focus on that. A lot of singles are so tied down by their past that they can not move on to the glorious future God has ahead of them. It doesn’t matter where you have been and who you have been with. You can start afresh. God is still in the business of bringing people together to enjoy marriage. Are you ready for Him? Are you ready to forget what lies behind and press on to what lies ahead? Ruth was a widow but she got a good man. Boaz ¬†was not your typical eligible bachelor. He was an older man but he got a good woman (Ruth 3:10). Through the lineage of this exemplary couple came Jesus!

It takes two to make a relationship work and these two certainly had what it takes. I encourage you to read the entire book of Ruth and benefit from its abounding lessons. What lessons from Ruth and Boaz are you ready to take on. Let me know in the comment section below.

Stay sweet!

This post first published here on the blog on May 28, 2015.pre-signature-pro


  1. Nice write up. Educating

  2. My Dear Precious, Thank you for refreshing my memory of this book of the Bible, Ruth. very illustrative post, motivating and inspiring. As for me I love love the lesson of obedience and hard work because there is nothing as sexy as a woman who fears God and is hardworking as well. Thank you for this post Precious.

  3. Ruth’s story never gets old. It’s always refreshing to read it time and time again. Your perspective is interesting. Men and women can learn a lot from the points above.

  4. I’ve read the story about Ruth and Boaz but never really pay attention to the lessons there. Ruth was such a faithful woman so much that the Yoruba people would jokingly call a wife with that character “Ruth Abokoku” (i don’t know how to translate that in English, poor me:/)
    Great Share here Precious and loooong time!
    Am smelling something new and fresh air (have i been away so that long?)

  5. I wouldn’t have known this was an old post if you had not mentioned it. The Word of God is ever new. Thanks for sharing mum Precious.

  6. Great post, thanks for sharing. So true, Ruth had a heart of service and Boaz found her in the right position.

  7. GOD BLESS YOU FOR THIS MA. i pray we the singles of today copy the examply of Lady Ruth and even do far more better.

  8. Thank you for the message Precious I really do enjoy reading your post and watching your videos. Thank you so much

  9. This was the article i was needing to answer a few Q’ I had about how to present myself for favor to a man of honor and not feel that he must come to me…Many women are taught that it is biblical to wait to be approached… and that anything else is out of order. This does not support that position as the only way to let a relationship take wing. I am 66 and God is moving me toward my possible first marriage. Jesus was my husband for 40 years… LAVON


  11. rez Yousuf

    Hi There Precious sis, was reading about Ruth last night and I praise God on how I
    came about finding your website-really encouraging as I am single woman and thank you for ministering to us too. You are beautiful sister in Christ God bless you and your family.

  12. I have been afraid to love but now am encourage to notice my Ruth..
    Thanks to my love doctor

  13. very inspiring story and write up. well done.

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