Hello, friends! I wanted to share with you what behind the scenes of my YouTube Cooking show, Precious Kitchen looks like. It all begins with the idea for the next video recipe. Sometimes I get this idea from a viewer or I decide on what I would want to shoot. Or I bomb into my brother-in-law trying to cook and I decide to take over from him and film it.

The idea on what to cook on camera could be  thoroughly planned or it could be downright spontaneous.
Then I go on to gather my ingredients for the shoot. If I do not have everything on hand, this would mean a trip to the grocery store, which I enjoy!
Then I plan a shooting time with Mr. N, who holds the camera for me. Tonight, we had to shoot after the girls had gone to bed.
We just finished filming half of an episode. We’ll be completing the filming tomorrow because the recipe requires a soak time of about 6 hours or overnight. It is an Accra Beans episode. Somebody say, yay! This idea came from a couple of viewers who requested that I make an Accra Beans video.
Prior to the shooting, I fix my hair and rub things on my face (translation: makeup). Here are some things that could happen while we are shooting;
1. The older girls start bouncing on their bed upstairs so much that I feel like they are going to cave in on me.
2.The toddler starts demanding immediate attention and I have to stop and give her milk or something.
3. The kids start making loud noises and I start barking like a newly mad person. Thank God for video editing!
4. I keep forgetting important things I should say.
Through this all, I record the cooking videos. Because I love doing it. Because I love inspiring people to cook. Because I love to eat the food when the shooting is done. And I will be rounding up the shooting of the tenth episode tomorrow! Adonbilivit! 

When I make that Accra Beans, tomorrow morning I will devour it with some pap (a porridge made out of corn). Choi! I can’t wait!
After that, I will edit the videos. This will be perhaps much later in the day when I am done with homeschooling and other things.
We started shooting these shows with Mr N’s cellphone. Then I eventually bought a Canon Powershot camera (not DSLR) exclusively for my videos. You need to start with what you have and do what you can. If you wait for perfection, you will hardly ever do anything.
Just like I shot step-by-step recipes with my cell phone for two years, before purchasing a DSLR, start with what you have. What is that plan in your heart? Start with what you have, friend. Don’t let procrastination steal your time.
I look forward to an awesome week and an awesome new month. Well, that’s what’s up with me. What’s up with you???

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  1. Anxiously waiting for the accra beans video. I am still to get my head around making videos! I think it requires a lot of work! Especially with all the interruptions from those precious little humans;-) will get to it someday though. Thanks for sharing behind the scenes with us

  2. Start with what you have…Word! Well done sweetie, its not been easy filming any video here, my sons will literally steal the show with their loud noise..smh..Lol Well done.

  3. Wow! Great inspiring background story. Big things sure starts small.

    Well done ma'm. Mr N deserves an award oo. Looking forward to watching your videos. 🙂

  4. I can imagine.It's just crazy with this children.When I start filming is when Grace realizes she needs something and is when Ella decides to!We gatta do what we gatta do at the end of the day.

    PS:I sent you a mail.

  5. I'm off to YouTube to watch some of your videos. I got blessed with free WiFi today. Hallelujah. Vlogging to me seems like hardwork so three gbosas for you.
    Laitanbee Blog

  6. Start with what you have. No excuses! Spot on. So Spot on. || Follow me on Bloglovin'!

  7. Sounds chaotically fun. Lol.
    You are right at starting with what you have.imagine if you were waiting for the big camera to start videos.

  8. Lol. Kids will always be kids. You are spot on. START with what you have.

  9. Hahahaha! It's like these kids always "plot" against us but the show must go on! Checking your mail in a bit, dear.

  10. Thanks lady! Looking forward to some feedback when you watch!

  11. Hahaha, it's really not easy with kids around. Thanks, dearie.

  12. It is a lot of work oo. But it is so worth it! You're welcome, dear.

  13. Hahahaha let kids be kids!

  14. I love that phrase. Chaotically fun. That's just what it is.

    If I were waiting for a big camera, I would probably still be waiting. When you get to work, the things you need come to you. He who is faithful in little is given much.

  15. Interesting post, I love it. My mum says the kids are growing so fast before you know it they move out already, then you feel a bit jobless hahaha. Thank you for sharing, cannot wait for the next post!!!


  16. Very interesting and funny post post. The activities of the kids just got me laughing…

    The moment you decide to be tough with them, their facial expressions would change so sudden and you would become weak and apologetic again withing you.

    keep it up and God bless your work.

  17. Yes to free wifi! Looking forward to some feedback from you.

  18. Your mom is so right! Thanks for stopping by.

  19. I know right, Brenda??
    Thanks darling!

  20. Rub things on your face ????
    Am sure the video will be awesome and the food the bomb

  21. Wow,kids are same every where same as my's not an easy thing oh.but we not get there.nice blog.

  22. Start with what you have that is the winning word. Thanks for a funny recap of behind the scene moments.

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