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Hello everyone, how has your week begun? Last week, I spent a lot of time teaching my two older girls how too cook. They are not too young to learn. As long as they can talk, they can learn something. It maybe just how to how to crack an egg. It should start from somewhere. However, they have learned way more than just cracking eggs.

On this particular evening, I had an urge to bond with them in the kitchen. I started by putting up a Youtube video by popular food blogger, Laura Vitale and we watched it together. In the video, she was making Apple Cake with her grandma. My girls loved watching her cook, In fact, these days, they are trading cartoons for cooking videos and I am not complaining! Watching the video inspired them to want to get into the kitchen with me.
We got in and made a heart-shaped Apple Cake. It was fun! Girl number one felt so connected to me that at some point she gushed, “Mummy, I love you!” Awww *wipes tears* Cooking together is a great way to bond with kids. If you have boys, please don’t keep them out of the kitchen. Some of the greatest cooks are men.
It is hard to cook with these little human beings but it is totally worth it. In making this apple cake, we survived eggs being wrongly cracked with parts of them dripping on the counter top. We survived the tossing of the bowl of sliced apples to the ground. We survived so much yet we grew so much.
Here is a slice of the cake:
Our church had a bake sale so we made some Peanut Butter Cookies as our contribution. It was also an opportunity to teach the girls about giving.

Girl number one had fun creating a face with Blueberries and bread.

She made a fruit sandwich for breakfast-

We made Coleslaw and Girl Number 1 was absolutely in love!

I wish to cook more often with them so they will be able to ,make complete meals an an early age. They are beginning to love cooking more than playing. Today, girl number 2 was about to go to the basement to play but when she heard me planning to cook, she changed her mind. She started urging me to go cook with her. Help me God!

Our message in church over the weekend urged us to be workers in God’s kingdom. No contribution is little and we need each other because together, we can accomplish great things.

Have a great week!


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