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Hello my people, I have never been so excited to tell you what’s up! I am here to tell you that despite the odds, you can succeed if you stay focused on your goals. After my failed start-up party to launch my beauty consultant business, I have moved on to make some amazing sales.

This past week, I did facials on four faces. Today I did facials on three faces and these all came with orders and dollars that made me smile. I even burst out in laughter because I was overwhelmed with joy. Is God not good?
I enjoy the way my business is running so far. Today, one of my clients commended me for not being pushy. I really appreciated that. Some sales people can be so annoying and they literally force you to buy. I don’t want to be one of such. If you want to buy and you are in the United States, feel free to click the ‘Shop’ tab on the right hand side of this blog. If you don’t want to, no wahala. I believe when people believe in what I sell, I will not need to pressure them into buying. If you need holiday gift ideas, you could check out that tab too or contact me-
I discovered that doing makeovers with my baby brings me more income. Wait… is it because people are moved to see me with a baby on my back, trying to make them pretty. Well, all I know is that the ministry will soon move to its permanent site!
This is just to encourage you to hold on to your dreams. I’m doing this for my kids… to teach them that a mother can be present at home and still do some income generating activities. Let your kids not hinder your goals, let them inspire them. I believe if you have the right motive and put God at the center of everything, there is no way you won’t succeed.
In church, we were encouraged to seek God for 30 minutes everyday- Bible studies + prayers. It is not what we do that matters but who we become. Withdraw from all the noise (electronic devices, etc) that is present and look within. Find a place of quiet and rest and it shall be well with your soul.
Well, that’s what’s up! What is up with you?

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  1. Dear Anon, your comment brought tears to my eyes. This is why I do this… I want everyone to leave here better. May God be praised.

  2. How encouraging, I don't know how i found ma way here but i'm definitely leaving it better than i came. though it looks so simple, i believe it has given me something to think abt. thanks Precious.

  3. You can say that again! Success tastes so sweet and I want to keep eating from the pot of success. Thanks Sweet!

  4. The taste of success is sweet, it belittles all disappointments, frustrations, doubt, and worries that went before it. Quitters don't win and winners don't quit.