Abeg let me sleep small n come n nack una story.

I wrote the above note last night when ‘the people’ were calling me into dreamland. This is why I hate taking my baby to bed to make her sleep. I end up falling asleep before her. *big sigh*. It was Mr N’s opening of the door that woke me up this morning. Anyway, the ministry must continue! Have you liked my Facebook page yet? Please, click HERE and help move my ministry to its permanent site.

So here is what’s up: Last week my family and I got yet the biggest surprise of our lives. We were called from the office of the estate where we live to come and receive a package. Mr N went and came back with two big boxes of gifts all addressed to us from an unknown person. See the boxes here:

I was too shocked for words. No trace of the person too even thank them. Please if you are the author of this blessing and you are reading this, my family and I say, THANK YOU. My girls were so happy to find their names on their presents and open them. You made us smile that evening.

My people, after opening the gifts, these are some of the things we found:

These are the ones addressed specifically to me: (the white crock pot at the back and the green cup are not included.) This person sent me a nice new pot to move my cooking ministry forward. I’m so grateful!

My boo boo got a new doll:

Here is how the gifts were addressed. No sender.

We received gift cards for food, fuel and groceries worth about $95! I could post more pictures but I have loads of work waiting for me. Body no be firewood, abeg. Thank you dear anonymous giver once again for showering us with so much love. My family and I prayed for you. May God continue to bless you.

Meanwhile, my daughter had a Christmas party in her school so I put this together for her teacher.

Last week, I received so many gifts. My Indian friend brought nice gifts for everyone of us. She is such a sweet lady. Thank you, Jeena!
Then I received tons of gifts from an organisation here that gives free gifts to kids for Christmas. I have hidden the toys which were included so my girls can open those on Christmas morning (shhhhh don’t tell them).
In all, it’s been a great week and God has been teaching me to depend on Him especially when I feel like I have so much to accomplish. Well, that’s what’s up! What’s up with you??? 
Here’s What’s Up will be back next Monday. Until then, stay sweet and don’t forget that Jesus is the reason for the season. I LOVE YOU



  1. Hi Precious. I stumbled upon your blog via Facebook. It's very interesting and keep up the good work. From one Cameroonian blogger to another…

  2. Hi dear, thanks so much for making a stop. I really appreciate your kind words. You have an awesome blog!

  3. How lovely! What a sweet surprise. Bless the sender and God bless your family!! Love,

  4. Very beautiful surprise. Humanity is not yet lost. May the kind giver be replendished.

  5. Hi my beautiful friend, Wow! what a surprise indeed, God bless the giver, bless the gifts and the user, Amen.

    with a grateful heart my dear friend am saying merry Xmas to you and your lovely family in advance!!

  6. God will surely bless the sender, Mukut. Love you right back, hun.

  7. So beautiful my dear. And no, humanity is not lost yet. There are some really beautiful souls in this world.

  8. Amen and amen, my friend. Hope you had a merry and Christ-filled Christmas.

  9. Thanks my dear. Hope you had a great Christmas.

  10. Wow, I love this!
    Wish i can make a family i know smile at this, by sending love their way through this. oh wow

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