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There are some people you talk to and you just feel a rush of adrenaline invading your body. Lum Irine Asanji best known by her pseudonym, LIA (Lord is Able) falls in that category. The motivational author and mother of two recently got nominated for the Cameroon Career Women Awards which will be taking place in London next month. In my little chit-chat with her, we talk about her nomination, her book and life as a Christian single mother. Read on.

Precious Core: How do you feel about your Cameroon Career Women Awards nomination?
It is an honour to get nominated along side such high-profile women. I feel so excited to be a part of this and I am looking forward to it.

Precious Core: What inspired the writing of your motivational book, “Phonecall in the Rain”?
My book is a series of reflections inspired by different stages in my life as well as my everyday life experiences supported by biblical truth. It is characterised by happenings from my childhood up to the time the book was published. It started as contributions to a Christian email forum called Shepherd’s Bag and I later transformed it into a book to bless a global audience.

Each chapter could stand alone so even if you begin the book from the end, you’ll still enjoy it. I began writing this book while going through a difficult time in my life. God used this as a therapy for me and showed me the way to ministry. The book contains my experiences from childhood, motherhood, as a born again Christian and and the way God worked in my life throughout. 

Precious Core: How do you handle being a single mother, work and everything else?
It is challenging but I’m pushing on. That’s why my name is Lord is Able- LIA. Anytime someone calls me that name they are prophesying God’s ability in my life.
Precious Core: That brings me to my next question which is, what word do you have for single mothers?
As a single mother, you have to carry on with your dreams. You do not have to wait for a man to validate you. A woman should not lean on a man because your life depends on God and not man. What if your husband dies? Will you just sit? No! You’ll still follow your dreams. Single mothers should not be limited by the absence of a man in their lives. I’m all for marriage and I even have a ministry in which I counsel couples. However, while waiting for a man be doing something with your life.
Get LIA’s book on Amazon HERE
Watch LIA on Youtube HERE
Facebook: Lia LordIs Able. Contact LIA to get an autographed copy of her book.

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  1. Inspiring. Everyone has a story. How you want yours to end is truly up to you and your God. Courage sisters. Thanks for another inspiring read.

  2. Thank you sis Angele. Precious marvels me. God truly doesn't create junk. She's an all round breath of fresh air . May God use her more

  3. Thank you sis. We might not always have a new beginning of our life story but we can create the path to the most amazing end before we head into the bliss of eternity which never ends. God bless you

  4. Thank you sis Angele. Precious marvels me. God truly doesn't create junk. She's an all round breath of fresh air . May God use her more

  5. Amen beloved sister Elizabeth, the harvest is truly Great and as we seek after His Kingdom and righteousness every other thing shall be added onto us. His Word says those who wait on the Lord (as a waiter waits on /renders tireless service to guests in a restaurant)
    Shall renew their their strength and their years shall be restored, they shall never be broken down by the challenges of life. That's my/our story and I cannot even tell it all what He's done for me. God bless you sis