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This post is partly confessional and partly instructional. Because I can’t guarantee you that I’m not a knee-deep social media lover myself. It is so easy to be on Facebook for a long time, scrolling and seeing what all the people on your newsfeed are up to. And then there’s Facebook Live. And there’s Instagram. And blogs! And lots of other apps aimed at drawing people into looking into their phone screens for as long as possible.

I recently read an article by a very successful retired blogger who literally lived his life in front of the screen. He kept writing, and hundreds of thousands of people visited his site daily. He got so absorbed that he almost lost touch of reality. It was a physical illness that brought him back to reality. Wish I could pull up that article for you to read but I have tried to retrieve it to no avail.

I totally enjoy the fact that I can connect with people in a far away place because of social media. It’s an incredible invention. I have met great people on Facebook and learned so much from groups. It helps with boredom and it has been an incredible tool in promoting my blog.

However, when I look around me, I feel that the essence of us being humans is getting lost to the screens. People connect more to their devices than to the people around them. I mean, it is easier now to get someone’s attention by Facebooking them than by talking to them.

And I think that if we don’t consciously bring some discipline into our lives, we will be entangled in the web of the World Wide Web.

That addictive connection to your phone decreases productivity, leads to comparison, a false perspective of life and a failure to connect with the people that really matter to you. Being intricately connected to your phone can actually stop you from living fully. Trying to get the perfect picture of that meal can actually stop you from enjoying the meal. Trying to post Instagram photos of every bit of that vacation can actually stop you from enjoying the vacation. You can slowly and surely become imprisoned and rendered miserable by that device that is in your hands.

And that’s not a good thing.

Social media can actually work for us if we would use it and not let it use us. Use it to make positive connections. Use it to inspire and be inspired. Use it give out love. Don’t let it use you. Let the time spent in front of your screens be a productive one. AND going on a social media detox every now and then will work wonders for you. Give yourself space to think, be creative and connect with nature. It shouldn’t always be about the phones. It should be about living like the human that you were made to be, aptly connecting with the world around you.

What’s your take on this? What’s your favourite thing about social media? What’s your least favourite thing about social media? Let’s talk below.


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  1. This is timely Precious, social media can be so addictive, Facebook, twitter, instagram, BLOGGING etc. I am learning to just pull back and do that which is beneficial, find time to read, time to visit and talk with real people and not virtual people lol. I dare say it is the machine behind all the competition we live and see around us. I noticed my little one are becoming so attracted to phones, why? Because Mama/Daddy are ‘always’ on the phone!
    Well it is not all negative, I have connected to amazing people who have been a blessing to my life. So I ain’t going to quit using social media any time soon, but will do so with a pinch of salt. Sorry for the essay:-)

    1. I love essay comments! We have to pull more from the good side rather than allow social media suck us in negatively. Decluttering is key. To me, this means desisting from following anything or anyone that doesn’t impact me positively. It really helps.
      Thanks for adding your voice to this, dear!

  2. I’m only on facebook and can chat forever on BBM with my pals but I don’t allow it disturb my work or family.
    My hubby isn’t a social media person, so he constantly gives me sideeye if I stay too long on my phone.
    Social media is good and bad, we have the power to choose what effect we want it to have on us.

    1. I like your style, Bola! Chat and connect but don’t let it stop you from having meaningful time with your family. Lol at the hubby giving you sideeye. Thanks dear. The power to choose definitely lies in our hands.

  3. I call it the necessary evil. Something that has become a part of life that we cannot totally ignore it. Used positively, it would be of great benefit to you. I have always loved writing but social media took my writing to a whole new level. Furthermore, I have connected with some amazing people who both encourage and inspire me and I have seen people’s career grow or lives change for the better through social media. But then, it can be very time consuming and have an adverse effect on someone if used negatively. So now and then, I take a break and focus on other things I love. There’s a need to strike a balance.
    Thank you for this well balanced article.

  4. This article is so on point.
    Personally I love Facebook. It has been a very good platform for me to evangelise, do my business and make people laugh.
    But I admit that one should actually start planning for “social media” time in the daily agenda or else you get caught up and ignore the world around you.
    I usually take social media fasts of at least a week in every three months at most where I just reconnect back with the real world and I usually find it quite refreshing.
    I think it should be planned!
    Thanks Precious. God bless you

    1. Hi Marja,
      I so love the idea of taking social media fasts every now and then. And I agree that our time on there should be planned. Once that time is done, we stop and face other things. Thanks so much for sharing your perspective on this!

  5. This topic! It’s so true. We want to captue the perfect moment without actually enjoying it. That’s why I’ve found it hard to fully get on Instastory or Snapchat. It’s important we take time out to detox – easier said than done, I know. But at least we should be conscious of it. That being said, Social Media is amazing and it’s positive impact in influencing and inspiring people is a huge plus to society! || Bloglovin’!
    How to Survive Long Distance Relationships (Successfully!)

    1. I’ve not been able to get on Snapchat because I think trying to be on all the apps is a little overwhelming. However, like you said there’s the good side to it. We just have to be cautious so it doesn’t take over our lives. Thanks Kachee!

  6. Very apt article, indeed social media can be the load that broke the camels back sometimes. We have been guilty of comparing our ‘real’ life to someone’s ‘instagram’ life and that leads to serious discontentment. Spending so much time, showing off the moment as opposed to living in it. Indeed, there is nothing more annoying than attempting to have a conversation with someone who is glued to a phone screen. Perhaps I should try this ‘social media detox’ I’m sure it will be of benefit.

    Lose weight or get lost

    1. Dami, it is SO annoying to try to have a conversation with someone whose face is buried in their phone. Ha
      Please try a social media detox every now and then. I’m sure you will love it. Thanks Dami!

  7. You’re so right about this post especially about capturing, I can be looking bomb af and if I don’t get a good picture to post on ig, I become angry and forget that I still look bomb
    I’m really going to change this, such an eye opener
    Thanks for this post!

  8. Hmmmm glad to know am not the only one addicted to social media ehen ehen. Currently loving facebook cos of my page “stories and riddles” so much activity on there. I know and try to draw a line though. It’s a blessing that hubby is not as consumed as i am lolz. Thanks for sharing this.
    Hope i haven’t missed your transition story?

    1. Haha Gloria, you are not alone oo. We must learn to draw that line as you’ve said.
      No, you didn’t miss the transition story darling. Coming in the days ahead.

  9. Social Media had really make a positive impact but also has its own side effects. You’re right that we should use it and not let it use us!