cameroon okra soup

Okro eh okro 
Okro went to the pot oo
To make some nice soup
The soup was so sweet
Okro said, ehen ehen!

If you did not sing this song during your childhood then I truly pity you. Just replace “okro” with “Anna” and “pot” with “market” and… to get the original version.

Here is all you need for this super simple soup:

About 15 medium sized okras, 2 Maggi cubes, a quarter cup of crayfish, 1 large cleaned tilapia fish, half a medium-sized onion and a handful of spinach.
Chop the okra into circles.
Then chop finely. This chopping process is therapeutic for me but if you find it worrisome, just grate the okras or cut roughly and pulse in a blender.
Cut tilapia fish and place in a pot with about four cups of water. Chop onions and add on top. Season with salt.
Bring that to boil on medium heat. Then put in chopped okra, crayfish and Maggi. If you are in love with pepper, add it in.

Chop spinach and set aside. Let it boil! Let it boo-oo-ooil. But not too much so you don’t loose the green colour and the nutrients. Add in the chopped spinach.
Then QUICKLY turn off your heat. There you have it! Delicious, healthy, super simple okra soup.
Related recipe: Okra and Egusi Soup.
Okra is rich in several vitamins and minerals and it helps prevent magnesium deficiency and calcium deficiency. What would you enjoy this soup with?



  1. The best okro eve.. Thanks dear for giving me my okro back. I love it so much but never succeeded to keep it green so I gave up.. U are a star
    . Love u so much

  2. Awww this makes me so fulfilled!
    Love you too.

  3. See how you just whetted my apetite������ Lovely. I would not mind trying it. Thanks so much❤️

  4. And see your comment just made me smile!

  5. Lovely, it looks delish, okro is my favorite soup too.

  6. Hmmm… Okra soup never looked better. I have always had a problem with cooking this meal, as I can never get the okra to draw. Will try it your way next. Thanks!

  7. You'e welcome, hun!


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  11. I kept salivating when I saw your delicious pot of okro soup. That is definitely the next thing am gonna cook. Thank Precious
    And i love that song, wished u sang the other one😊.

  12. wow am so happy for these recipes. lovely precious have you tried cooking it with jangsa? it also test so good you should try it.

  13. wow thanks alot precious. I love it cooked with jangsa too hmmm it tests good.

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  15. Thank you oh,most Cameroon families like mine love okro soup. Very easy to cook but the most difficult part is to maintain the green colour…Thanks for the tips,hopefully my next okro soup will be this green. Thanks

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