To All Mothers on this Mothering Sunday

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A man once had a special gift to send to the world.
But he needed a mode of transportation.
He could just make this gift appear
Or He could send a thousand angels to bear it in their hands
He could even have paraded the gift himself
Yet he chose someone
His special brand
His latest creature
A woman
Then she became mother
She bore the greatest man that was ever known
Till today
Every great person passes through a mother
Even when fathers desert them
Mothers are stuck with them in their wombs
They nurture
They sacrifice
They give
They are mothers
Nurturers of greatness
If you are a mother
Never underestimate your worth.

Happy Mothering Sunday!


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  1. You are very correct, Y. A mother is she who nurtures even those who did not pass through her womb.

  2. We can all mother others, even those who don't pass through our wombs. I have known many men who have mothered children, even though they had no wombs. Happy Nurturing Day to all with the ability to do so.