To All Mothers on this Mothering Sunday

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A man once had a special gift to send to the world.
But he needed a mode of transportation.
He could just make this gift appear
Or He could send a thousand angels to bear it in their hands
He could even have paraded the gift himself
Yet he chose someone
His special brand
His latest creature
A woman
Then she became mother
She bore the greatest man that was ever known
Till today
Every great person passes through a mother
Even when fathers desert them
Mothers are stuck with them in their wombs
They nurture
They sacrifice
They give
They are mothers
Nurturers of greatness
If you are a mother
Never underestimate your worth.

Happy Mothering Sunday!


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  1. We can all mother others, even those who don't pass through our wombs. I have known many men who have mothered children, even though they had no wombs. Happy Nurturing Day to all with the ability to do so.

  2. You are very correct, Y. A mother is she who nurtures even those who did not pass through her womb.