Why Humans Can’t Stay Married

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Hello my lovely people,
For a while now I’ve been brooding over this topic. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on whether human beings can stay married. The answer is an emphatic NO! Here is why:

1. In marriage your partner will hurt you again and again. You may make up but your partner will still hurt you! Your spouse is probably the person that will hurt you the most in this life. How will you as a human being remain happy with such a person???

2. Your spouse may never change that habit you hate so much. Many people are so focused on trying to change their partners. Here is bad news: that partner may never change. How difficult it is for one human being to try to change another!

3.Your spouse will not be your ultimate source of happiness. Unfortunately, many people depend on their partners to make them happy. They may do some things that will make you happy or they not. They may fail to make you smile. How disappointing that can be!

Therefore, a human being can not stay married. Marriage is for super-humans! By super-humans, I mean people that refuse to be led by their human instincts but by divine instincts. Here is how super-humans stay married:

1. They forgive even before their partners hurt them. They do not live in bitterness, malice or unforgiveness. Those are ‘little’ sins that destroy a marriage. They do not get tired of forgiving.

2. They do not focus on changing their spouses but on changing themselves. Rather than complaining on how ‘bad’ their spouses are, they focus on how they can live with each other’s weaknesses while depending on God to bring a change.

3. God, not man is their ultimate source of happiness. They understand that there are voids in their lives which only God can fill.

So which one are you,  a human or a super-human? May the Lord give you the grace to weather every storm in your marriage and stay strong. Renew your love and stay strong. Go back and read 1 Corinthians 13 and you will see that to love is hard work!

A good nation starts with a healthy family that raises healthy kids remains in love against the odds. If your marriage has been going down the drain, YOU CAN START ALL OVER AGAIN.

To super-human marriages!

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