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From crying for nothing to making my brother eat outside because I didn’t want to inhale the smell of what he was eating, I did many crazy things while I was pregnant. I started thinking of my pregnancy days again because a family friend is pregnant and she is totally killing it. For example, claiming she hates something one minute then declaring great love for it the next minute. Pregnancy hormones, why art thou so wicked? In case you didn’t know, pregnancy hormones are real! Here are 10 crazy things they made me do. Please, blame everything on the hormones!

1. Carried someone’s toddler thinking it was my child.

This happened when my 1st girl was over a year old and I was pregnant. I went to the market back home in Douala, Cameroon with my younger brother and my daughter. After finishing my transaction at a particular shop, I picked up another toddler who was at the shop and started going my way. His/her mother had to scream, “Ekie! (exclamatory parlance) Are you taking my child??? I’m sure my brother laughed at me over this for more than a week.

2. Left my key on my door and freaked out because I thought it was missing.

It seems my brain went on a vacation when I got pregnant. I once forgot my key on my front door and later looked for it frantically, not having the slightest idea where I could have left it. When I got home, it was right on the door.

3. Cried while watching movies.

I cried terribly while watching movies. I became super emotional and so sensitive to people’s sufferings in movies. I would wail seriously when I watch something touching. It looks like this trait followed me out of pregnancy because these days I get emotional and cry even when I watch cooking shows!

My Pregnancy Pic

4. Avoided rubbing body lotion for weeks.

With my first pregnancy I hated smells with a passion so my body went without any lotion for weeks because I couldn’t stand the smell. I even avoided using (scented) soap to wash my body.

5. Vomited only because I saw a particular food.

Believe it or not, I threw up just because I saw groundnuts (peanuts) in my kitchen. I hated it with a passion and just even thinking about it made me nauseous.

6. Got angry with Mr. N. for nothing.

Like why did he buy the burger and go shop some more instead of coming home to give me my warm burger? Seriously, this thing hurt me like it was was one of the major problems in the world. Ha.

7. Cooked food no one else but me could eat.

The meals I make during for myself during pregnancy are blander than bland. I always hide them away from guests because it will be pure wickedness to serve someone what I cook.

8. Made my brother eat outside because I didn’t want to smell what he was eating.

My brother was dying to eat some sardine – sardines in oil from the can. I couldn’t stand the smell so he had to go eat outside.

9. Slept during normal activities.

I could sleep for Africa. Anywhere and anytime.

10. Danced with my pregnant belly.

Hahaha. I danced like crazy in my last pregnancy (mostly without an audience so no one would think I am crazy).

Dear moms, I’m sure I’m not the only one who experienced moments of insanity during my pregnancy. What was your pregnancy like? What are the crazy things you did during pregnancy? And if you have never been pregnant, what are the crazy things you have experienced a pregnant mom around you do?

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  1. Hahahahhahahaha please I can’t stop laughing. I felt like I was seeing these in a movie. I can’t believe that pregnancy emotions are so unpredictable for women. That part where you took someone’s child thinking that she was yours just surprised me, way too much. But I would like to know Precious, were you able to eat coconut or anything made from coconut while you pregnant?


    1. Hahaha! I don’t even remember what I did with coconut while pregnant. But I remember sending my brother to go get some for me.

  2. Hahahahaha . . . I enjoyed reading this. Such an interesting post for me to read on a Monday morning. You nailed the pregnancy days!

    Did these things happen to you every time you got pregnant or only happened the first time?

    1. A bunch of the same things happened with each pregnancy, Amaka. But every pregnancy was unique for me. Hope you are doing great, dear.

  3. Hahaha… this was so funny to read. I wonder what it feels like to be pregnant. I don’t think I’m ready for that journey just yet *hides face*
    I’m loving your new logo…it’s so beautiful and creative.

  4. ohh wen I was pregnant, how I hated perfumes!! my kid sis profited form my body sprays n deodorants during that tym. and meat!! I disliked any fleshy portions of meat. my sister would eat e flesh n gv me bones and I sooo enjoyed it. I went to de beach two times durin dat time n I almost vomited cus de roasted fish tasted like dirt….lol.its a long story

  5. Hahahaha.So true.Number 4 was me.I avoided gatherings at the early stage bc of parfume scents.I didn’t also eat me.Just ate bones.I could kill for ‘cornchaff’

    1. Perfume scents were pure torture for me. Lot at bones and cornchaff! I wanted the exact plate of cornchaff I once ate during my last pregnancy. Haha.

  6. Hahahahhahaha Number 1 killed me! I recently learnt a woman’s brain shrinks during pregnancy. I am always emotional watching movies and just plain living without pregnancy LOL. I have seen these traits in my sisters lol