Of all the things in the world, why is grilled fish just always so good?  And crowd pleasing. And healthy. And seriously so good. If grilled fish has been absent from your menu then I truly feel sorry for you. You have been missing the 9th wonder of the world (coconut is the 8th!)

Once upon a time, I would visit the roadside where “Mami Fish” sat fanning charcoal with a cut-out piece of carton. On the charcoal sat a worn-out grill. On the grill sat various sizes of well marinated whole fish, staring at me (seriously, they stared at me!) As the smoky fishy flavour invaded my nose, I would start a conversation with “Mami Fish”. It didn’t matter if her name were Pauline, Angelina or Natasha. As long as she grilled fish by the road, she was Mami Fish.

Me: Mami, fish na ha mush? (How much for the fish?)

Mami Fish: Di wan na 500, di wan na 700. (500 CFA Francs for this, 700 CFA Francs for that.)

I’ll then proceed to try to convince Mami to sell the once priced 700 Francs for 500 Francs to me because bargaining is a good part of life. Can I get a witness?  I’ll tcarry the fish, warm and bursting with flavour home where I will sit at a cool corner and enjoy my life. Ahhh the good ole days!

But wait, those days are still here! And they are even better now because right from the comfort of my own kitchen, I can whip up some delicious grilled fish in no time. Let me show you not one, not two, but three awesome ways to make your own grilled fish. It will change your life for good.

1. Grilled Fish in the Oven


This should probably be your go-to grilled fish recipe. You rub spices all over the fish, you pop into the oven and let the oven do its work. It is perfect for lazy days. Recipe here.

2. Grilled Fish on the Grill


This method is for when you decide that you actually want to use the grill because my friend, that smoky flavour from charcoal is unbeatable! I have put together a tried and tested method that ensures that your fish comes out in one piece. See it here.

3. Grilled Fish on Your Stove Top!


No oven, no grill? No problem! Grill right on your stove top or whatever cooking device you have and grill away. One thing I really like about this recipe is the finger-licking sauce made to go with the fish. See it here.

Now that I have shown you the three methods, I’ll like to suggest something you should do for yourself this weekend. Grill a big fish. Grill some ripe plantains to go with it because grilled ripe plantains + grilled fish = match made in heaven. Sit down and devour that fish. While you are at it, suck the bones and strip them of every juiciness. Your soul shall be merry and your body shall be happy.

See you in the next post!pre-signature-pro


  1. Just look at those onions on it…. My appetite just for wet for it. Grilled fish is delicious, and will always be delicious… The smell of it gives me this chill feeling wanting to taste it immediately with Garri..


  2. One of the thing that pain me is that you don’t consider some of us who are still single and many times don’t have time to do these things when you post the result of “your laboratory” experiment. “You will now come and go and be allowing someone to salivate” (Nigeria funny English). There is God o Precious.

  3. The 2nd and 3rd recipe didn’t open on my phone, so many things on my mind to try out but time no gree. Welldone Mama P

    • Oh so sorry about that, Bola. Please click on them in the section just under the post that says, “You Might Also Like”. Hopefully you get time to try a grilled fish recipe. It is SO good!

  4. My soul is already merry and my body is already happy reading this post. Grilled fish and roasted plantain is one of my favourite food. I grill mine in the oven but mine never taste as good as that of the road side women.

    When live hands you lemons, what do you do really?
    Tega Enai Blog

  5. this all look so yummmmm
    style frontier

  6. You are doing a great job,weldone!

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  11. Thnks for such great recipes!!!!

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