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This post is for single ladies who are in the dating game and hoping to get married. You believe you are now mature and you are ready to settle with the right man. You hope to get the man that you will share your life with. Just like there are many goods in a shopping mall, in the husband market, there are various kinds of men. Here are some species of men you should avoid:

He tells you he loves you so much. He tells you he can not live without you. He makes you smile and your heart leaps for joy at his sight. BUT he keeps demanding pre-marital sex from you. When you refuse to give in, he says all sort of things to make you feel bad. He makes you feel you are doing something wrong by not succumbing to sex. He wants you to know you will be validated as his potential wife if you open your legs. Flee sister, flee.
He has a strong bond with his Mom which you like. However that bond trespasses wrongly into your relationship. He will rather do what Mama says regardless of whether it is right or wrong. His attitude is beyond a man honouring his mother as the Bible stipulates. He is remote-controlled by his Mummy. If you marry him, you will be getting in as a second wife. Mummy is already well placed as wife number 1. Flee sister, flee.
Your relationship kind of began ‘naturally’. He didn’t ask you out. He didn’t say he loved you. You got acquainted and you felt a spark in your heart. You felt like he was ‘the one’. He has been acting like he loves you. He just hasn’t said it. Months have gone by- maybe even years. You keep waiting for when he will make it official. He sometimes introduces you as a friend- nothing more. You keep expecting but your expectations are not being met. You are shunning suitors because of him but he is saying nothing. Sister, you are in a relationship with the idea of being in a relationship, not with a real man. Soon, you may be hit by his wedding invitation and you will feel betrayed. Flee, sister, flee.
You have a good job. You are living a comfortable life. You meet this prince charming. He is still struggling to find his feet. It looks like he is into you. You two begin a relationship. You are happy because you know he is a guy with ‘prospects’. You support him financially because you know he is on a path of growth. After a while, he gets too comfortable because of the support he is getting from you. His enthusiasm to find a stable income has dropped drastically. He is ready to wash your clothes and lick your feet as long as you give him some $. He is in a hurry to marry you. He wants you to ‘lend’ him some money to finance the wedding. He is not into you, sister. He is into your cash. He is a lazy man. Flee sister, flee.
You are one girl that turns heads whenever you pass by. You are attractive to both Christian men and unchristian men. This guy approaches you. He wants to marry you. You tell him your husband must be born-again and since he is not, there is no future for you two. After a while, you see him in your church. He appears serious. He even joins a group and starts serving in church. He comes to you with his proposal again. He says he is now born-again. You are not sure he has a personal relationship with the Lord but he seems like a good man and you want to settle down with him. Good is never a replacement for being born-again and his true colours will show as soon as you marry him. Flee sister, sister.
You are better off single than being with the wrong man. Why settle for less when you can have the best? There is nothing better than falling in love with a man who is deep in love with Jesus.
If you know other kinds of men that should be avoided, please let me know in the comments section below. Have a stress-free weekend!

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  1. hi thanks for this advice i have learn alot from it because i knew that i have a guy who is so manipulative and very lazy he expects every thing to come out from me he even watch cloths cook and even do the cleaning because he want me to give him what ever he need. this nonsense has being for about 6years he keep saying i will married you thank God my eyes are open

  2. Hi thank God my eyes are open i knew i was with a manipulative guy but never know what to do this guy can clean the house do all the house work a woman is suppose to do that is just so lazy refuses to grow even when i support him to do a business he will take the money and fine the next available bar and enter the next time he tell you am sorry i just loss the money this thing has being for about 6 years with a child so what was really keeping me in this thing is he keeps saying i will get married to you. an i to keep waiting that things will one day change since i already have a child with him. i use to cry and say i don't want to go because of my child but thank God this is the right time my eyes are open

  3. Hmmm that calls for another article… It will be something like, "Qualities to look for in a potential husband.". I'm sure that will show the other side of things.

  4. Hello…some young men out there will now be wondering…"What kind of man should I be so young brides-to-be don't avoid me" or young women wondering.."what kind of men should I NOT avoid?….

  5. The "BOXING RING CHAMPION" is on point!!! Never accept the first slap! It will lead to the second slap then a series of slaps and some 'good beating'. Then after each beating session, he will say it was a mistake and beg you on his knees. He will then buy you some gifts and make you feel like you are in cloud 9. Then you will have a short-lived honeymoon experience with him. After that he will repeat his 'mistake' again. In this case, sister don't flee, fly!!! Getting married to an abuser is a recipe for a battered life. Thanks for the contribution, Sis!!!

  6. Beautiful piece. I will like to add the the 'BOXING RING CHAMPION'. If a man uses you as a punch bag while you are dating, Flee! The moment you accept that first slap, that is the moment you are opening your life to misery. Never settle for a guy who loves voilence and takes pleasure in beating the crap out of you. Don't be fooled with his sorries they well might be fake. And don't be too desperate to settle for less with hopes that they will change after marriage, lies! Follow closely are their cousins the EMOTIONAL BASHERS. These don't use fists they use their mouth to belittle and trample you until you start believing you are worthless. Flee!

  7. Lol what is 'hellish' about the article? Don't hope, brother. Work to avoid being one of the above men. Good character is built. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Word! The Bible says he that finds a wife… These 'church men' are waiting for God to woo the woman for them. Na wah! How long will it take before God confirms? Thanks for the contribution, sis.

  9. Beautiful post sis. I know another brand of men , i will call them "church" men. This ones know the "word", they know by being in church how are lady is to be treated and so they act out all the know. They come to you cuz you are talent and yes which lady wont want a God-fearing man and years and years pass and they are still waiting for God to confirm if you are the one, flee sisters flee.Men that truly know the word and love Jesus know what to do per time and not wait on the Father to talk when He has already spoken in His Word

  10. Beautiful post sis. I know another brand of men , i will call them "church" men. This ones know the "word", they know by being in church how are lady is to be treated and so they act out all the know. They come to you cuz you are talent and yes which lady wont want a God-fearing man and years and years pass and they are still waiting for God to confirm if you are the one, flee sisters flee.Men that truly know the word and love Jesus know what to do per time and not wait on the Father to talk when He has already spoken in His Word

  11. Dear Anon, I believe in growing together with a man. However, the PERCHER MAN I mentioned up there is a man who refuses to keep growing. He wants to stay stagnant and feed off his partner. The Bible says he who cannot provide for his household is worse than an infidel-1 Timothy 5:8. There's nothing wrong with a woman supporting her partner in time of need. However some men are just so lazy and don't want to earn their bread- I'll if any man will not work let him not eat.
    Let me just say here that a 'spiritual man' can not 'compel' a woman he loves to be born again. He can preach to her but ONLY the Holy Spirit can convict her. Nobody can force Christianity on another.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  12. I am a man. I respond with a question: why do women have to make their own rules simply because they find themselves in a position of financial advantage? What happened to growing together, and supporting the man you love to achieve some status? If men lived and loved according to your rules, then no woman from poor home shall ever marry.Give love a chance and keep money and fame out of the game.

    If women of today are so spiritual, then they should wait upon their parents to find for them a husband as it was done in the old days when marriage was arranged between two family heads and the man and woman simply abided by the choice of their parents.

    But times have changed. Love must be given a chance. The parties involved make their choice and live with it. When it works, they live happily for ever after ;when it fails they either accept to live the lie in public and fight in private or boldly go through the divorce process.

    I see it that while women accept that trends have changed, they still look back to aspects of the golden past for its protective laws and are just as stubborn to accept the reality of the current dispensation.

    I am yet to see that woman who refuses to get married to a man better endowed for fear of being labelled a gold digger.

    Why must it always be gold digging when it's the woman who has money? Why is there little critism when the spiritual man compels the woman he left loves to be born again?

    Bottom line? : we are all the same.. But if a woman wants to be the boss at home because of her money, then it is best she stay single. No poor man will gor ever sacrifice his God given rights to a woman. If ever there is such a man out there, I strongly suggest he remains single.