Summer is finally here, my peeps! Happy new month! I’ve never been so excited about the summer. During my first summer here, I had morning sickness because girl numero 3 was still growing in my belly. The heat from the sun made it worse and I just wanted to crawl back home whenever I went out. Besides, I was still getting to know my new environment. But this summer, my buttocks are somewhat beginning to fit well into the seat. I’ve gone from JJC (Johnny Just Come) to JHBH (Johnny Has Been Here). So I want to rock it until there’ll be nothing left of it. 

I’ve been thinking about how I’ll make the months ahead super fun. My wish-list consists mostly of style/beauty items and a a few other things to pamper mama because body no bi fayawood (The body needs rest).  Ha!

1. Shoes oh shoes!

I can’t even remember when last I bought a new pair of shoes. Most of my funds have been invested in moving this blogging ministry forward but I think it is time to show my feet some love.
I want these suede gladiator flat sandals.

I’ve been having visions of owning sandals like these. This pair will be a great match for vertically challenged dresses.

I also want these strappy heels. Just looking at them give me joy.

I need these All Star shoes in my life!

I saw these shoes in a style post by my favourite style blogger, Stephy and the shoes have been calling my name since then. My mother’s driver, Uncle Fai once bought his own “All Star” shoes for 200 CFA Frs (less than $1) from Nkwen market. Words fail me to describe those shoes. In fact, they looked like the make version of “Spice Girls” shoes. Do you remember the shoes worn by those artists? The Spice Girls? Please, I don’t want Uncle Fai’s version. I want the real deal. Ha.

Errrr meh Gaaad! I want these colourful sandals.

Looking at these sandals give me life, joy, peace and hope. I can imagine beautiful pink-polished toes in them. I want them!

2. The second thing I want is a summer hat…

With which I can fight all the scorching wickedness from the sun. I love this multipurpose hat.

It can be worn to the beach, for casual outings, or wherever! I love how different it is from the conventional summer hats.

I also want this this one.

I love how cool it looks but the pink one has most of my love. Which of them do you prefer?

3. A Women’s Bible

I’ve been dreaming of having a pink study Bible. This Devotional Bible For Women is the answer.

In addition to other features, it has 366 devotions that cover themes such as grace, love, peace and hope. I want!

4. Better Hair!

My natural hair wants to kill me before my time oo. I won’t let that happen. Today, it’s dandruff, tomorrow, it’s matted, the next day, it looks like cotton. I don’t want my children to interfere how they did before.. I’ve got box braids on my mind!

5. Me time.

I just want time to sit and do NOTHING.

6. A new kitchen 

Here are my specifications:

  • White cupboards
  • Granite counter-tops
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Long island
  • The kitchen should be LARGE
I have been talking to God about this. Baba God, when will you answer my call? With this desired kitchen, my cooking ministry will move to it’s permanent site. I’ll also be able to shoot my YouTube videos in style.
This list is by no means exhaustive but let me end here with my dreamy post. I know that I know that all my dreams are valid!
Your turn: What are the things you want in this season of your life? Feel free to dream in the comment section below. Dreaming is free!
P.S. This post contains affiliate links.
For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:8



  1. Hahhaa. Shoes, A new Kitchen (make that house!). Lots of stuff. you should get the bible.. that's an easy one to tick off.

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  2. hahahaha lovely list! My list is too long for this comment section https://kewanblogs.com/

  3. I know right. It's actually a new house I need. I keep disguising it in the form of a kitchen. Lol

  4. Lol, why is your list so long nah?

  5. Anonymous

    You sure know good things, my list is endless, im sure gonna spoil myself a lil soon. Bola

  6. You'd better spoil yourself Bola! Loving you is important.

  7. Nothing wrong with a little you time, go for it!
    What you need for summer

  8. Nothing like me-time, Munastic!

  9. I need a new house painted all white even though my children will colour on the walls i'm sure? but i still want it!

  10. LOL trust kids to spoil our shine. White walls will look so cute!

  11. Enjoy your you time but ern when you di buy sandals numero trois mimba me oh 🙂 So beautiful and comfy too!

  12. Lol ah go mimbah you, sis.

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