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Hello people! This is my first style post. Drum rolls, please. It is about this cute mini black dress I wore last week to my niece’s graduation. I love the way it made me look like a nyong geh and not a mami pikin. So I thought it would be nice to share the details with you.

I bought the dress from a thrift store but it still had the tag on which shows it was from TJ Maxx. The brand is Rolla Coster.

I paired it up with silver sandals which had been lying idle in my closet for a while. I bought the sandals from a thrift store. I’m sure you can tell I love thrift stores by now! I love how comfortable the sandals feel. They make me look like I’m wearing some sort of heels but I don’t even feel the discomfort of heels. The marching clutch is an okrika (second hand) one bought from a hawker on the streets of Yaounde over two years ago. Ha!

Let’s talk about that hair. It’s a wig ooo. I pulled back my natural hair and wore a wig cap then I fetched this old abandoned wig from my closet and revamped it. Oh the wig is called Forest Meadow. I bought it from You can purchase it HERE.
In all, I love the way the outfit made me look sassy and chic without sacrificing decency. Since the dress is really short, I plan on re-rocking it with knee length sandals for a casual look or with a black pantyhose and six-inch heels for a more sophisticated look. Do you have any ideas on how I could further style the dress? Do let me know below.
There you have it! My very first style post. Let me know if you would like more posts like this.
Love ya!
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  1. smoking hot! sexy mama

  2. Patty Etamo

    Wow. I love the dress and everything u wore it with. I also love the fact that it's not expensive . I think you should try wearing it with black high heel boots during the winter.

  3. Thanks darling! The black high heel boots in the winter will make a lot of sense.

  4. Love the sandals. Casual yet glam. This is the second blog post I'm reading today that relates to thrift stores. Maybe I should look into shopping there for steals. By all means write my more style posts if you wish|! we your loyal fans will read anything you write.
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  5. Awww thanks hun! Yes, you should look into thrift stores. They are a great way to shop smart and save big.

  6. I love the blend of comfort and class. Yep sexy mama gehs. I also love the fact about the two years ole okrika. Makes it feel good I am not the only one who has sentimental bla bla to some of her things. You can also add a twist to the dress with a very small red belt ( don't know how they call them) with matching red shoes or black shoes and the red belt adds a its own edge to the look.

  7. Thanks for the matching belt and shoe idea!!!! I really love blogging because I get to learn alot. That sentimental attachment, no be only you oo.

  8. Someone is looking smoking hot. I love the silver clutch and shoes to match.. ?

  9. Aaaa thanks dear.

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