My minimalist wardrobe


154. That’s the number of pieces of clothing I found in my wardrobe, excluding the handful of dirty ones. Yes, I counted. To tell you the truth, I thought the number would be farrr bigger than this. Because the place looked too crowded with some blouses sharing the same hanger and some hangers bent due to the weight of clothes on them. Sometimes I dreaded bringing more clothes back from the laundry because there was no place to keep them!

Still, with all these 154 clothing, I always said, “I don’t have what to wear!” I was wearing 20% of my clothes 80% of the time. So I created a minimalist wardrobe in week two of my minimalism journey. Right now, that space is easier and more functional for me. Of all the 154 items, there were very few in there that I actually loved. Those make up some of the ones I have retained. And it feels so good because if I want to go out right now, I know exactly what I am going to wear. Read on if you are interested in knowing how I created my minimalist wardrobe.

First, I read a billion blog posts on the internet on how to create a minimalist wardrobe. Okay, I actually read about 6 because reading a billion won’t be minimalist at all. I gathered many ideas from the blog posts so I knew exactly where to begin. I also learned that another name for a minimalist wardrobe is a capsule wardrobe. Who knew?  But the thing I read that stroke me most is chapter 2 of the book, 7. In it, the writer approaches wearing fewer clothes from a Jesus perspective. She talks about how our focus should be on our integrity and how much we can be Christlike, not how cute and impressive we look. I gleaned so much from all the things I read then I proceeded to practice.

I marched into my bedroom with determination then put on some good music to make the whole process interesting. I took out everything from my closet. Every single thing. I placed them on my bed. I rejoiced when all my hangers were dangling free and my closet was empty. Then I cleaned my closet.

Next, I opened up three big plastic bags.

  • Bag 1 was for the clothes I somewhat love but do not absolutely love: Making-up-my-mind bag
  • Bag 2 was for the clothes I want to donate: Donation bag
  • Bag 3 was for worn out clothes that were beyond wearable so they were to be thrown: Trash bag

There was a fourth set of clothes: The clothes I absolutely wanted to retain. I placed those ones back into my cleaned-out closet.

I ended up adding a second and third bag for donation because there were quite a few clothes in there that were good but not good fits for me.

I also put away my making-up-my-mind bag. I will keep that for a couple of months and see if I still want the clothes in there. If not, I will donate it.

Another thing I did was box up all my Ankara (African fabric) clothes that still fit and I love. I have a sentimental attachment to those so they are not going anywhere!

Here are the results, people:

My minimalist wardrobe

So here are the things I now own:

  • 3 coats – because this is Minnesota and it is coldddd
  • 2 dressy trousers/pants
  • 2 jean trousers/pants
  • 3 short sleeve blouses
  • 4 long sleeve blouses
  • 5 scarfs – I have a problem letting go of these
  • 2 dresses
  • 2 boots
  • 1 pair of flats
  • 2 pairs of sandals

Now my innerwears, at-home clothes and exercise clothes are not included here. I also have a few clothes in the laundry which I will determine whether to add to this, keep in my making-up-my-mind bag or giveaway. So the clothes noted above are those for wearing to get out of the house.

Also worthy of note is the fact that I haven’t decluttered my jewellery yet. However, I plan to do that soon.

The wardrobe decluttering process took me two hours from start to finish, with lots of good music to keep me going. BUT I decluttered my shoes days before. If I had to do shoes and clothes on the same day, it would have taken me more time.

I used to dream of having a large walk-in closet with lots of beautiful clothes for me to pick and wear at my leisure. Now, I do not have that dream anymore. I only want a few clothes that are practical, wearable and I absolutely love.

If you choose to do this, note that minimalism is not something that can be fitted into a can. It is a lifestyle you adapt to suit your needs. This is the number of clothes and shoes that works for me. It may be more or less for you.

I plan on adjusting my wardrobe every season to suit my needs because the season changes here are drastic. When I do a change, I will probably blog about it under “Beauty N Style” here on the blog.

Now my kitchen and wardrobe are decluttered. I am moving next to belongings and I will share how that goes next Tuesday.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Is this something you would consider doing?

P.S. It is TEMPTING to go shopping right after you declutter because you feel like you deserve to get new stuff for youself. This will only create a vicious circle. I decided to make the clothes I presently have work for me. Flee from the temptation of shopping after decluttering!pre-signature-pro


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  2. Wowwwwww!!! You did it again boo!!! I could see air passing through the hangers on the ‘after’ picture lol. I should’ve counted mine too but the thought of scares me. Good thing they’re gone already. Did you know I always complained I needed new workout gears bla bla bla only to find that my workout clothes outweighed my regular clothes? I had two drawers of workout clothes lol. I could wear them for a month without repeating any. Jesus!!! I feel like I still have to declutter sef. Please I’m waiting on “Seven” oh lol. Great write up once again!!!

    • That’s eh, enough air passing through the hangers! And I thought I needed more hangers before now. SMH
      LOL at your workout clothes. You are such a workout freak! Will inbox you about 7.
      Thanks darling!

  3. You’re doing this! Go sis!
    Now you make me want to count my clothes! I also knew it was called capsule wardrobe. But you’re right. You’d need different wardrobes for different seasons.

  4. Walk in closets are overrated, okay maybe just a little bit. Though the truth is when you have too many clothes, it makes it harder and slower to get dressed. I like the idea of a minimalist closet, I decluttered last year and now it saves me so much time. I can just wake up, walk into my closet and pick what to wear without stressing. I do have to admit that it is not always so easy but once I get tired of those clothes, I’ll get rid of them and get news ones.

    Princess Audu

  5. Great job, mum Precious! Yes to working with less clothes. I even discover that the less clothes I have, the more creative I am with my outfit. Yours truly haven’t shopped in months.

    Well done. Keep decluttering.

  6. Reading a billion wouldn’t be minimalistic at all. lol… 154???? Now I am scared of counting mine. I never have clothes but my cupboard is pouring out. I actually have plans of donating my entire wardrobe…yes entire wardrobe but I have been procrastinating. After reading your post, I need to get at it. Although I already have plans of going on a shopping spree… #coversface.

    I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. wow!! This is impressive, I don’t know if I am this brave. I’ll certainly need to resist the urge to shop like you. Great Job, You’ve succeeded at achieving a minimalist wardrobe.

    Free gift worth £30

  8. This is a beautiful post. I relocated at the beginning of this year, so I had to declutter my wardrobe. It felt good. Although, I reduced my shopping rate in 2016 to reduce irrelevant spending.

    Mid last year, I stopped wearing earrings too, so my jewelry has reduced drastically. There used to be a time when I felt I couldn’t live without these things, but it’s just the mindset I believe. I think a minimal lifestyle is good because it helps with living a more intentional life.

    But I’d need to go shopping very soon, because like you said, the different seasons require different items of clothing. hahaa

  9. I agree with Zinny. So many stuff I used to feel I couldn’t live without, but I actually live without them and I am fine.
    Yay to living an intentional life.
    Now! I want to count my clothes too. Although I have a rough idea seeing as I try to sort the stuff in my room out once in a while.
    I like the idea of keeping stuff you haven’t made up your mind up on in a seperate bag. It’s a good idea as you may feel differently later.

  10. Really love the idea of having a minimalist wardrobe. Thank you for sharing this, looks like you did a great job! xx

  11. Olaitan Bobade

    I agree with Amaka. Having less clothes means you’d be more creative with them. You already know I love this series. Keep it coming and Welldone.
    Life Diary||January

  12. this post made me look into my closet and you be surprised there is so many things just sitting there, somethings l even wonder why l bought it. Lovely post!

  13. It is so me to give out my clothes and buy more.I love decluttering but I still keep a lot I won’t still wear in the long run.This is a big step!

  14. I just stumbled right here and I must confess your blog is simply amazing. Decluttering is a really big step and I must give you kudos; apart from making yourself happy,you blessed lives. In giving you get more so prepare to declutterize soon. God bless ma’am

  15. I stopped by for the ginger tea recipe, and I stumbled on this. Part of My 2017 goal is to move towards a Minimalist lifestyle. I started the decluttering project with my garage, my office cubicle, my kitchen pantry. Last week I listened to a podcast on how to declutter your wardrobe and the lady recommended huggable hangers. Is that what you have? I immediately go for Amazon market go place ma order. I’m absolutely loving this concept of a minimalistic lifestyle.

    • I do not have huggable hangers but that sounds interesting!
      A minimalistic lifestyle is more stress-free. Hope you enjoy every step. All the best on your journey!

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  19. Very interesting!

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